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Feb 26, 2007 12:48 PM

West Village Restaurant

Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants in the West Village for Sat night?
I'm going to a show on Christopher and Bleecker so preferably not too far from there.

I live on the UES so rarely head downtown and dont know any places in the area!

Not too expensive and anything but sushi, since we eat that all the time.


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  1. There's a really excellent tapas place right there, Las Ramblas. Saturday night it'll probably be a zoo, though, but a festive zoo at that. Great food, great list of Spanish wines.

    Broken record that I am, I'm going to recommend Blue Hill for more upscale food. One of my favorites. Fresh and seasonal food, well prepared and served by an incredible staff. Dinner at a relaxed, leisurely pace.

    If you head all the way over to Hudson, which isn't far at all, you can have a really fun meal at Cowgirl Hall of Fame. It's Southern right down to the complimentary black eyed peas and chips they give you when you sit down.

    I'm sure others will chime in with their favorites soon enough.

      1. lederhosen (german)
        da andrea (italian)
        pepe rosso (italian)
        westville (american)
        malatesta (italian)
        tasca (spanish tapas)

        1. Avoid the zoo. Walk a few blocks to Alexandra (Hudson and Barrow) or Malatesta Tratorria (Christopher and Washington).

          Or try the walk-in lottery. Walk into the following four places on Bedford Street one at a time and cross your fingers:
          Little Owl, Moustache, Chumleys (great pub, good food), and Snack Taverna.

          1. I second Malatesta and Moustache for reasonably priced with excellent food!