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Feb 26, 2007 12:38 PM

Birthday Dinner Spot in Newport?

I'm looking for a happening spot to have my birthday dinner (about 15 people) I'm shooting for a place in either Laguna or Newport... any suggestions?? My choices so far are Banderas, Wild Fish, Chat Noir, Kantina or Landmark...

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  1. I don't think Banderas will take a resv - could be wrong, but... WildFish would be fun - especially if you got the patio, Chat Noir & Kantina both fun, Landmark not that great food, but you won't be bored! Always amazed at the 'lines' the the restroom & I'm not talking queues... I'm trying to find out about the new 'Port' restaurant in the old Svelte space - saw it advertised for Restaurant Week, but haven't heard anything else.

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    1. re: torta basilica

      I will look into WildFish's patio =) thank you!

    2. Do you plan to spend the whole evening at the restaurant or are you going somewhere after to continue the festivities? There is something to be said about not having to drive somewhere afterwards for the sake of less than steller food. Kantina, Sutra, Ten/Tentation, Mosun come to mind.

      If food is a priority you can do much better then the above.

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      1. re: cdmedici

        Yes that's true... the happening spots usually don't have good food. Ten, Mosun and Sutra have been done a lot among my friends... so if Kantina is still a hot spot, I might have to do that.. My friend and I will go check it out this Friday to see how happening it is. Most likely though we will probably go to a nicer restaurant and then take a taxi to a lounge or bar. Thank you for your help!

        1. re: sfglutton

          I went there a few weeks ago and wasn't too impressed with their food... BUT i heard they give free limo service to anyplace in laguna... and their patio would be perfect if it doesn't rain... another possible choice - thanks!

          1. re: kittykat

            You might want to check out the Proof Bar for your birthday...there's a subway across the street and I think you can bring it in the bar to eat...Some good music and ALWAYS a thick crowd. ;)