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Buying ground chicory in Los Angeles?

I have not been able to find any store which carries ground chicory in Los Angeles. Surfas does not, and Peet's no longer does. I want to pretend I am a poor student in Paris again.

Any ideas?


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  1. You might be able to order community coffee's "new orleans blend" which has chicory in it. Also, cafe du monde has an online store and their coffee has chicory in it as well.

    1. I've also been looking for straight chicory for a while. Years ago I used to get it at Erewhon, Bodhi Tree (yes, the bookstore, in their tea dept.) and Cost-Plus; none seem to carry it now.

      The problem with CDM canned coffee/ w/ chicory is, of course, you're getting pre-ground coffee mixed with it, which does not allow you to blend it to a ratio of your choosing.

      1. There we go: "French Market Coffee" http://www.frenchmarketcoffee.com/, has straight chicory by mail for $4.99 a pound.

        1. If you want Cafe Du Monde coffee you can get it at any Asian grocery store like Ranch 99 or any other will have it. (Vietnamese really like it and use it for Cafe Sua Da -Vietnamese Iced Coffee)

          1. Thanks for the suggestions about ground coffee with chicory. However, I actually want the straight stuff. I do not think that the ground coffee is anything like Peet's or even Starbucks.

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              You're right...didn't know how desperate you were.

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                Not that desperate. I just did not want to order it from sweetmarias.com or frenchmarket.com. Sweet Maria's is an amazing site, but they have a $15.00 min per order and chicory is cheap.

            2. Re LA Chicory:

              Alas I remember it at the Bodhi Tree and at Cost Plus (now add World Market to the title) for about 1/4 the price of coffee, pound for pound.

              I found it at One Life market on Main in Venice for the outragous IMHO price of over $11 per pound. Go figure.

              I've been investigation ghe price if I order it online and it somes out to about the same thing PER POUND ORDERED. Ouch! Ouch!

              I would LOVE to hear about another option. Anyone coming down from SF with a stash? .heh.

              Here is how I brew it. (Luzianne interestingly suggests 2T per cup. But they sell it.)

              - morning chicory - About a half t per cup, and cinnamon, perhaps milk or cream.

              I like "molasses tea" as a morning beverage. For me I must use blackstrap molasses because the other molasses has too much white-sugar content for me. I use a T. to a c. - more or less to your taste of course. I have two ways I like it.

              - snappy - Molasses tea with fresh lemon juice. (Lazy? Use vitamin C powder from Trader Joe's market.)

              - smooth - Molasses tea with cinnamon powder and the "cream" of your choice.

              daaltje in Los Angeles.

              1. I know post is old: I am just learning about chicory tea and coffee. I'm told Luzianne tea
                is chicory tea and I found chicory coffee and it's as good as any good Starbucks blend:
                use 1/2 copy per coffee pot.

                CDM (chicory coffee) can be found in some Walmarts. Call ahead. My Ralphs here in
                El Segundo (near LA Airport LAX) carries "French Market" which is the other New Orleans
                famous coffee blend (chicory and coffee).

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                  Any 99 Ranch will sell CDM, and cheaply ($3-$4 a can), as noted above.

                  I believe I've seen plain ol' chicory (no coffee involved) at Mother's Market and at Co-Opportunity in the People's Republic, on 16th and Broadway.

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                    Has anyone tried Monsieur Marcel for French chicory?

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                      Don't know whether there's a world-wide chicory shortage, but I ended up in NOLA in May, and had to ask around/look around a good bit before I could find straight chicory even there! Brought back 2 lb. when I found it!

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                        I know they don't have it but I think that Tusquelles market and seafood in the same Farmers' Market does have it.