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Feb 26, 2007 12:31 PM

Sushi in Sherman Oaks/Studio City "Chili Powder"

I am trying to find a new sushi restaurant, which I’m sure, is very do-able because of where I live. I live near studio city / sherman oaks. I used to go to matsuda sushi on ventura, while I may go there from time to time I recently tried sushi gen and hama sushi and they blew it out of the water. I had a spicy tuna roll at hama that was AWESOME. They use chili powder in their rolls unlike matsuda which uses something else. But Hama and Gen are a bit of a trek for me to get too on a regular basis. What sushi restaurants in studio city have great spicy tuna rolls made with chili powder, as well as good albacore and "standard" tuna sashimi.

Thanks guys and gals

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  1. Try Octopus. They've got some great sushi there. I never ate sushi until my wife dragged me there. Make sure to try the Snow Roll...

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      I find Octopus absolutely repulsive. For the same money, you could have better Sushi at a number of places

    2. Well I read allot of reviews on here. The following three sound good I’m leaning towards Tama. I'm not going with anyone, just myself so the fish is the most important.


      Can anyone tell me which of these places uses that bland orangey mayonnaise stuff and which one's use the drier red chili powder which tastes kind of Smokey and is soooo much better. Yes I have a craving for a spicy tuna hand roll today......


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        Asanebo makes actual Sushi and sashimi, and veers away from cut rolls and "theme" rolls.

        Spicy mayo can't be found within its hallowed environs. God Forbid!

      2. Tama is very traditional. They make a wonderful clam miso soup, and in this weather it's perfect.

        1. If you don't mind going a little bit more west, try 4 on 6 in Encino. It's absolutely fantastic.

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            Yuck this was the worst sushi i've ever had. The chef did not know how to properly cut fish. He cut the wrong way and I ended up with a few grissly pieces.

            Nothing dangerous about grissle but CMON if your gonna have a sushi place at least cut the fish right.

            Diana keeps noting Asanebo I simply must try it sometime i've driven by it often enough :)

          2. Are you sure you mean chili powder and not chili oil? As opposed to a mayonaise based spicy sauce? Although I generally only recommend it for cheap sushi, the spicy tuna at Cho Cho San in Tarzana (on Ventura near Vanalden) is fantastic and not heavy in terms of mayonaise. I also like the spicy tuna at Hirosuke in Encino.

            Neiether of these places is what I would call traditional at all, but for rolls, they are quite good. For pure traditional sushi, I think the best in the valley is Sushi Iki in Tarzana, but it is extremely expensive and has a somewhat limited choice of fish. But in terms of pure quality, I think it blows Tama and Nozawa (not to mention 4 on 6) out of the water.

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              So far the best spicy tuna roll i've had is at Hama Sushi in little tokyo. that is the only thing they are be best at but for spicy tuna they are the place.