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Feb 26, 2007 12:25 PM

Immersion Blender?

Just got one. Give me your best recipes. Have already made three kinds of tomato basil soup but always looking for great soup recipes of all kinds.

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  1. I like to cook some broccoli in a little bit of water with garlic. When the broccoli is tender puree it with the blender -- throw in a few chopped walnuts to thicken the puree. if it's too thick, throw in some water. Season w a little S&P and lemon juice. Simple and Delicious.

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      1. Man, I love my "boat motor". The thing I use it most for is smoothing out sauces. I'll make a giant vat of tomato sauce and I know I don't need to be that careful in the prep part with precise chopping because I can just smooth it out later.

        1. Great time of the year for soups! One of my favorites using the blender is quick and simple. Bake butternut squash with a bit of salt, spices to taste-I love the sweet taste of cinnamom but husband prefers when I use the savory taste of curry. I prefer to bake squash rather than boiling since it doesn't water and break squash up. It also brings out the natural sugars. After squash is tender, scoop out meat and cool off. In a bowl, add squash, half/half milk, chicken broth,spices,smooth peanut butter. Blend in bowl and add broth according to consistency of soup desired. Heat and serve. Delicious.

          1. Almost any kind of pureed root vegetable soup: fennel with carrots and/or parsnips, potato leek.