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Immersion Blender?

Just got one. Give me your best recipes. Have already made three kinds of tomato basil soup but always looking for great soup recipes of all kinds.

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  1. I like to cook some broccoli in a little bit of water with garlic. When the broccoli is tender puree it with the blender -- throw in a few chopped walnuts to thicken the puree. if it's too thick, throw in some water. Season w a little S&P and lemon juice. Simple and Delicious.

    1. Man, I love my "boat motor". The thing I use it most for is smoothing out sauces. I'll make a giant vat of tomato sauce and I know I don't need to be that careful in the prep part with precise chopping because I can just smooth it out later.

      1. Great time of the year for soups! One of my favorites using the blender is quick and simple. Bake butternut squash with a bit of salt, spices to taste-I love the sweet taste of cinnamom but husband prefers when I use the savory taste of curry. I prefer to bake squash rather than boiling since it doesn't water and break squash up. It also brings out the natural sugars. After squash is tender, scoop out meat and cool off. In a bowl, add squash, half/half milk, chicken broth,spices,smooth peanut butter. Blend in bowl and add broth according to consistency of soup desired. Heat and serve. Delicious.

        1. Almost any kind of pureed root vegetable soup: fennel with carrots and/or parsnips, potato leek.

          1. Not soup but I love to use it to puree cauliflower. I make that regularly instead of mashed potatoes. Enjoy the blender, they're fabulous.

            1. I think of my immersion blender as a tool, so sorta like asking for recipes for a knife. :)

              Tho I will give a look out for teh book mentioned.

              1. Roasted cauliflower soup: roast a head of cauli in the oven after tossing with a bit of olive oil. Add 5-6 cloves of garlic to the tray and roast these as well. When almost done, fry a diced onion in some olive oil in a Dutch oven. Add roasted cauli and garlic and enough chicken broth to just cover. Add a bay leaf and ~1-2 tsp of ground cumin. Cook for about 15-20 min until cauli is totally tender. Remove bay leaf and use immersion blender to puree. Add more chicken broth as needed for desired consistency.

                I love it. Some add cream or yogurt and blend in, but I just serve with a dollop of yogurt in each bowl. Better to freeze with no added dairy product. I serve it with warm pita bread and hummous & olives. Yummy

                1. Yogurt and fruit smoothies. I use Fage greek yogurt, fresh berries, Splenda, vanilla and skim milk.

                  1. I use it for crock pot apple butter to speed up the process and also for tuscan white bean soup. My new immersion came with attachments like a whip and a mini chopper so I chop up all the stuff (onions, celery and garlic) that my other wont touch super fine so they cook right in. I also use it to mix eggs on Sunday mornings for the lightest omlettes ever.

                    1. I make Batali's Basic Tomato Sauce (onions, garlic, grated carrot, canned tomatoes, fresh thyme, simmer 30 minutes) and then go at it with my Cuisinart immersion blender. The result is a nice balance between smooth puree and large tomato pieces. Likewise with root veggie soups as someone said above--the result is smooth but you won't think you're eating baby food.

                      1. Make Foam like Marcel did. Foams were all the rage a while ago and though they are not "hip" anymore they are still wildly popular. Simply take any non-oil based liquid add a teaspoon or so of lecithin (unflavored) and immersion blend. You can use it to properly add certain flavors to dishes: it blends an airy texture and a very delicate subtle flavor to any dish. My favorite foam is chocolate foam, which is really cocoa powder and hot water.
                        Good soups: zucchini and anjou pear. Simply sautee leeks, zuchinii and pear, add water and puree.
                        Another delicious soup was one on Paula Deen's live show from some FOur Season's guy, it's called Coconut Banana Soup. It's leeks, mirapoix, very ripe banas, and cumin sauteed until caramelized. Deglazed with OJ add a lemon grass stalk and water boil and simmer. Remove lemon grass and cocnut milk and puree.

                        1. I make a lot of carrot/ginger soup with my immersion blender (my friend these things "zoomzooms").
                          The other night, I used mine to add froth to some fancy hot cocoa I made

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                            I'm surprised no one mentioned lentil soup so far.

                            I like to make a yellow lentil soup where it's flavoured with cumin seed (I've even used mustard seed in a pinch), coriander, garlic, and onion. Or curry if I'm feeling spicy. Then blend until smooth, then add some half and half for richness.

                            With other lentil soups (tomato based, for example), I'll only partially puree so that I can have contrasting textures of the various-sized lentils.

                            And it's awesome for smoothies. Especially since I can measure and blend right in that little 2-cup container that came with the blender.

                            Love that immerser. Will use it for mushroom soup, too, if I ever get around to making any!

                          2. The immersion blender is great for thickening black bean soup. I do a really simple black bean soup in the crockpot (saute onions and bell peppers, and jalepenos, put that in a crockpot with a pound of dried beans and 7 cups stock). When I get home in the evening I just give the pot a quick buzz with the immersion and its a hearty thick soup.

                            1. Will an immersion blender make whipped cream?

                              How about whipping egg whites?

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                                My Braun immersion blender comes w/ a wisk attachment for whipped cream and egg whites. Worked well for whipped cream. I'd never made whip cream before. So easy.

                              2. I use my immersion blender and its little plastic cup to make my beloved tofu Caesar dressing (from Alton Brown's Caesar salad show). The blender would be slightly better, but I hate cleaning the blender. Next time, I might try making it in a large Pyrex measuring cup.

                                And a big ditto on all the blended soups. My favorite is a caramelized leek number from Epicurious.


                                1. Butternut squash-apple-carrot soup ... sometimes I use sweet potatoes instead of the squash. Can sub. leeks for the onions at the beginning. Add curry or not.

                                  1. Hummus. It gets it smoother than a food processor will with less fuss. But be careful - I burned out a KitchenAid stick blender making a large vat of it!