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Feb 26, 2007 12:21 PM

Sushi near Empire State Building

Hey, looking for a good place to go for sushi near the empire state building with an old college friend. Nothing too expensive, but something that serves drinks is a necessity.

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  1. Sushi sen-nin on 33rd between Mad and Park is certainly near by. Not sure how much it came to since I was taken there with work but if I recall the prices were normal sushi prices, certainly cheaper than Sushi Gari or Yasuda.

    1. I've been going to this tiny place named Umi sushi on 31st between Park and Lex for years. Inexpensive and really fresh. Make a reservation becuase it is very tiny and fills up quickly.

      1. I used to work around Sushi Sen-nin, and have been many, many times on an expense account. If you order conservatively, no, it is not particularly expensive. But, order a few of the more special things on the menu and you're going to be facing a surprising, borderline shockingly expensive bill. $28 rolls. They're big (and good), but expensive.

        Don't get me wrong I love the place, but I wouldn't agree that the prices are "normal" - definitely much higher than your average Sushi place. You might even be able to argue it's as expensive as a Yasuda (depending on what you order, of course).

        1. I love Sushi Sen-nin. To me it's worth any added price to know I'm getting the best sushi in the area. It's definitely less expensive than Yasuda.