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Feb 26, 2007 12:16 PM

Visitng Chowhound needs recs

My wife and I will be visiting DFW in late March and are looking for the best chicken fried steak, best BBQ, best Tex-Mex and the best texas roadhouse-style steakhouse.Also any suggestions for lunch in Fort Worth on a Saturday. We are staying at the Adams Mark in Dallas but will have a car. Thanks in advance!!!

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    1. Lunch in Fort Worth on a Saturday has you covered for the best BBQ - go to Angelo's. The chopped beef sandwiches are pretty good, if unusual, but the ribs are top notch. If you have to eat your BBQ in Dallas, I'd go with Baker's Ribs.

      My votes for Tex-Mex and CFS both go to Matt's Rancho Martinez, but if you only want to go there once, order Tex-Mex there. Babe's is a good bet for CFS, and also has excellent fried chicken and pretty decent catfish (it's mentioned on the dallasfood site, and gets the same grade as the winners, but apparently doesn't qualify because it's in a suburb).

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        I love the chicken chile rellenos at Matt's. Never had the CFS there, but I've heard it's good.

      2. If you're doing Ft. Worth you might consider doing your Q stop and heading to Angelo's. Most will say it is the best in D/FW, though still a far cry from Central Texas. And I will risk the seemingly requisite flaming and recommend a visit to the original Sonny Bryan's, on Inwood north of Harry Hines. Go for an early lunch, get a brisket sanny and some O-rings.

        My Tex-Mex fave is Herrera Cafe...several locations around Dallas. The quasi-original is on Maple near Oak Lawn and is BYOB. Recently awarded best chips by D Magazine, they have HOT, tasty salsa and are the originators (at least in Dallas) of Crazy Nachos (start off your meal with an order of 6).

        1. I second the Herrera's mention for Tex-Mex in Dallas. Benito's in Fort Worth on Magnolia has incredible Mexican, but steer away from the Tex-Mex enchiladas, etc. and try something more adventuresome there like the chile relleno, the barbacoa tacos, or the tacos de puerco en salsa verde.

          There's a beer joint in Fort Worth called Fred's (near the museum district) that has mindblowingly good dinner specials, pure Texas, heavy on the meat.

          I am heavily biased when it comes to barbecue. Hardeman's serves the best brisket in North Texas, hands down. Sonny Bryan's original location on Inwood is very good but it is usually a circus.

          I'm not a huge CFS fan, but when I get a jones for one I go to Good Eats. It is a local chain, but has consistently good chicken fried steaks.

          If you're into soul food, seek out Sweet Georgia Brown in South Oak Cliff. They try to *kill* you with the portions and play deafeningly loud gospel. Oh, and they have a "cobbler bar". 'Nuff said.

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            What is the big deal with Herrera's? Maybe at one time somebody had a good meal there, but there really is a lot BETTER quality food out here than that. I mean, try Chuey's or Luna De Noche, or Javier's (each quite different, but better than Herrera's).


          2. Definitely Babe's for Chicken Fried Steak.