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Feb 26, 2007 12:10 PM

Nellie's Soulfood Oakland

Has anyone been to Nellie's Soulfood in Oakland? I usually go to Art's Crab Shack on Telegraph or Jesso's in Housewives Market for my soulfood hit.

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  1. What do you like at Jesso's?

    Lots of Nellie's posts with lots of people liking it.

    Not in the same class as Nellie's but probably as good as Art's ... for a hit of history too ... you might check Esther's Orbit Room next to the West Oakland Bart

    There was also a recent good post about Dorsey's Locker

    1. I thought Art's was on Broadway?

      1. Yes, my error --- it is on Broadway. They also have a restaurant in Hayward - not as good.

        1. I haven't been in a while but I liked Nellie's. Good fried chicken, especially the dark meat (rare for me to prefer dark meat over white meat). The other main courses are good too (pork chops, etc...). Sides weren't always spot on, but the corn bread muffins were usually good. Friendly service. Ample parking. It was definately worth a try, but I haven't been to lately.

          1. Please—what is good at Art's Crab Shak? I've been intrigued but hesitant.