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Feb 26, 2007 12:00 PM

What to Order in a Thai Restaurant

I live in central New Jersey and am within striking distance of at least half a dozen Thai restaurants. I love Indian food but my knowledge of Thai food is only slightly greater than zero!

Here's the question. I would like to go to a Thai restaurant - is there a "classic" dish that I should order to introduce myself to the cuisine? I'm OK with spiciness but I'm pretty sure that most restaurants will adjust for American taste.

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  1. Pad Thai is lovely and classic; perhaps Red Curry Chicken also.

    1. Yes, I would agree Pad Thai and a coconut curry - I prefer the green myself.


      1. my curren fav lunch from a local thai place is Kai Yaang with sticky rice, sweet chili dipping sauce and green papaya salad

        a pretty popular american Thai rest dish is Pad Thai.

        also, my fav appetizer is Miang Kum. spinach you wrap around a bunch of different flavors.

        1. Pad Thai is absolutely a classic. Also a good guage of the quality of a restaurant - my mom orders it every time she tries a new thai place & judges the restaurant on that.

          My absolute favorite dish, however, is Drunken Chicken.

          1. If you want the pizza of Thai food then order Pad Thai. If the place is good, it will be amazing.
            The first time we went to a Thai restaurant I ordered the fish curry and it was amazing. I make it at home quite a bit now.