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Feb 26, 2007 11:59 AM

Can't be found in Chicago

I am headed to NYC for a long weekend, Friday - MOnday. I already have Sunday night reservations at Babbo, and excited to check that out. But, that will about do it for splurges and fancy dinners. I need ideas for dinners, quick lunches, etc. I am coming from Chicago, and anything that I couldn't find in Chicago easily is good to me. I want to visit and Izakaya place, which we don't have in the city. Anything from mid-range sit down to awesome counter service places is welcome.

Other suggestions like that you can throw my way?

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  1. Oh, and I will be staying at the Grand Hyatt, if that helps anyone with suggestions. But, didnner Friday night will be in Park Slope with friends. I can get anywhere, but close to the Grand Hyatt is a benefit, too.

    1. I would suggest doing searches on this board for the best pizza, bagels and deli's, and then pick the recommended spots that are convenient to you. I think your city has better thai and mexican... nyc is still limited in those categories. (of course we can find good thai and mexican restaurants, I'm just saying you can get that at home.)

      also, if you would tell us where the grand hyatt is, you might get more suggestions for that neighborhood.

      have fun!

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      1. Yakitori Toto should be just what you're looking for. There was a recent long thread here -

        1. Hi Chargenda,

          A Toronto Chowhounder visiting NYC also posted a similar question in search of Izakaya (or Japanese food) and unique NY experience. She is also staying in Grand Central area so all the recommendations should serve you well! Here is the link to the thread:

          I think after Babbo, the East Village Tour by RGR, plus a few visit s to those izakaya's, your trip should be filled with good food and fun!

          Hope you enjoy your trip in NYC!

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            Thanks again for the mention, kobetobiko. Just a slight correction. It's the *Lower East Side* Food Excursion though there is one stop, for the egg cream, that is in the East Village.

          2. I moved from Chicago three years ago and go back every few weeks on business. It's a lot different eating out there on an expense account such as Spring, Alinea, Custom House...

            Here, I would recommend the Chowhound Thai favorite, Sripaphai, pick a hot dog and papaya joint, NY pizza (Manhattan - Patsy's on E. 117th, Brooklyn - DiFara's or Grimaldi's), ramen, Szechuan at Szechuan Gourmet in Midtown, etc. Alternatively, Chicago doesn't have good barbeque even at Honey 1 BBQ on Western.