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Feb 26, 2007 11:55 AM

Chinese or other Asian food for a party (take-out)?

I'm putting together a casual but varied menu for a party for 40 in SF. We want to give a taste of good SF eats to out-of-towners (and out-of-country-ers), with food that's fairly easy to eat standing up.
So far, we're getting some quiches, tarts, and gougeres from Tartine Bakery, some meze platters, perhaps from Ali Baba's in the Mission (or other suggestions?). And I'd like to get some appetizer-type food either from a good Chinese place (dumplings, buns, rolls) or perhaps even Vietnamese (thinking good spring rolls). What recommendations do people have for fresh, not too expensive places that could handle doing a take-out order of party food for 40? I'm open to Japanese too-what's the word on the sushi platters from YumYum Fish in the Sunset these days? any good?


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  1. I heard Yum Yum Fish has gone downhill after changing ownership. For Middle Eastern flair, several friends have had great success getting food from Sunrise Deli on Irving.

    1. For Chinese, there are many locations to choose from, on generally the same plateau of quality. It probably would help to know where you are, and where you can get to easily, if that's a consideration.

      1. Wing Lee on Clement Street (btwn 5th and 6th Ave). Good dimsum, very reasonable prices.

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          I second Wing Lee. We've bought aluminum platters of chow mein & rice from them. Very reasonably priced and the food is pretty good.

        2. Cheung Heung(?) on Noriega/30th Av makes party platters and trays -- their food is generally above average, and their bbq items (duck, ribs) and various whole chicken preps are good as well.

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            Kirin on Geary/23rd-ish will also put together party trays of whatever's on the menu, which is extensive. Love their food.