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New Concept Reopens As Elite Restaurant

As posted on the board about 3 weeks ago, New Concept was sold and remodeled. It opened up about 2 weeks ago under the name Elite Restaurant. The menu appears to be a little different, but the dim sum is still good--delicate and inventive, and possibly some of the same people are involved even if the owner and original chef of New Concept aren't around. The person who told me about the opening said that Elite is actually better than New Concept, though at this point I'll just say that they're similar.

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  1. I think I passed it about an hour ago after I ate at Ocean Star! Is it up the street from NBC on Atlantic?

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      Yes, it is on Atlantic, coming from the 60 you will pass it before you hit NBC and Ocean Star...


      1. Gosh darn; I was excited to be able to post something that "only" I knew about. In my continuing effort to try all highly regardinede dim sum restaurants once each of more, I was actually looking for the old place, New Concept and drove past Elite until I saw the number on the building...

        My brief review from lunch today: Elite is pleasant experience. I was never at the predecessor, so I can't compare, but the new places seems like it has essentially new furnishings. Tea is excellent. I ordered six fairly standard dim sum dishes, but the only item that stood out was the Macau Roasted Pork. Everything else was a fairly solid "B".

        No English at the tables until you get to a Captain level, but efficient service otherwise. The menu (no trays) is very clear and easy to read. Prices are quite reasonable.

        1. Anybody knows the actual address of the place? And if you are coming from hwy 10. What's the cross street?

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            Ask and ye shall receive.

            Elite Restaurant (名流山莊)
            700 S. Atlantic Blvd.
            Monterey Park

          2. Nice, you even wrote it in chinese. Thanks

            1. Anyone knows if it's good for Chinese wedding banquet? I am actually considering it. Thanks a lot!

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                It might be kind of small, depending on the size of your wedding. I'm not sure if it holds more than a couple of dozen tables.

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                  yah, the main room hardly holds a dozen tables or so.

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                  I just ate there. I agree with Chandavki, it is small... and probably VERY expensive. http://eatdrinknbmerry.blogspot.com/2...

                3. We have a new favorite dim sum place: Elite Restaurant!

                  Everything we had (and we found most of our favorites) was fresh and delicious! One of the dumplings we enjoyed had a large piece of red clam inside; it was clean and identifiable, unlike some where you can not identify the mushy interior. The traditional yellow custard pastries were about as fresh as any I have ever had.

                  We will return next week to explore even more of the menu!

                  1. this place was great. Especially the Baked Scallop and Turnip Cakes and Duran Pie!

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                      As I posted, I, too, love this place. But if you have not tried The Kitchen on Valley, do give it a try...also, really, really good!

                    2. Again, Saturday morning 11:00ish for dim sum -- EXCELLENT!

                      The service was terrific, every item we ordered was fresh and delish, and we were seated within a couple of minutes of arrival.

                      We ordered all of our favorites from the menu, but then the trays were plentiful as well. From one tray we chose some pale but heavenly mini-muffins that we had had before; last time they contained a sweet yellow custard, while this time we found inside a divine almond cream...nice surprise! We also enjoyed several rice noodle items (a vegetable one that contained a very tasty amount of cilantro, and rice noodle rolls with XO sauce), tofu skin wraps -- perhaps 8 or 9 dishes in all.

                      Our two current favorite dim sum places at the moment are Elite and The Kitchen, with Elite being just a bit more preferred. The service is quite nice and less chaotic or frenzied than The Kitchen. The dining room at Elite is a little more elegant (nice dishes!) than The Kitchen; we find the TV screens at The Kitchen noisy, even though they are not on high volume. We received all of our orders at Elite; in contrast, some of our orders at The Kitchen were exchanged because they were out or ??? But we like the food at both, and each has its own personality. Both, in our opinion, are a step above all the rest in LA.

                      We will continue to alternate between Elite and The Kitchen (and sometimes Capital Seafood which we always like) until we hear a 'Hound recommend something better!

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                        Hi Liu,
                        Where is The Kitchen on Valley Blvd?

                        1. re: frugalgourmet

                          The Kitchen
                          203 W Valley Blvd

                          Here's a link to J Gold's LA Weekly review soon after the restaurant opened.

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                            Thanks Wong,
                            Going to Triumphant Palace tomorrow and wondering how it measure up to Kitchen in Dim Sum?

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                              the kitchen went downhill quickly after it opened. There has been a few threads about it on here. Elite is miles above it.

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                                Triumphant Palace has taken a precipitous decline since it opened. I wouldn't expect much if you go for dim sum.

                                Best place for order-off-the-menu dim sum IMO is at Sea Harbour. Elite is good as well, but I just prefer Sea Harbour.

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                                  I would skip The Kitchen for Dim Sum (and in general) nowadays. Dim Sum is absolutely horrendous there now. I've heard that the main chef left months ago, and when I took 3 of my regular Chowhounders to try out the Dim Sum at The Kitchen (about 2 months ago), it was seriously some of the WORST Dim Sum I've had in years! :( Very disappointing.

                                  The Kitchen for dinner used to be fantastic (when it first opened and as attested to the positive reviews about it), but again, there's a noticeable drop in quality these days, sigh.

                                  Try out Sea Harbour on Rosemead for what I believe is the best Dim Sum in town.

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                                    Oh no! I haven't been to The Kitchen in a couple of months. Argh. Well, my favorite dim sum restos are currently Elite Restuarant, Sea Harbour and to a lesser extent Capital Seafood.

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                                      Thanks for the warning about the Kitchen. I went back in February or March and thought it was pretty good at the time. I'd been meaning to go back again soon, but I guess I won't.

                                      1. re: Wonginator

                                        Can I get XLB at Sea Harbour or at Elite?? Also, the steamed pea shoots?

                                        1. re: Schweinhaxen

                                          I don't recall XLB at Sea Harbour, but it's definitely at Elite. It's kind of strange because it's 5 to a steamer, and to prevent sticking they are on top of individual aluminum mini-tart forms. Not as good as the places that specializes in XLB, but still OK.

                                          1. re: Schweinhaxen

                                            Yes you can get XLB at Sea Harbour. They come 12 small ones to an order, and they are really good.

                              2. This place serves a dish that has Chinese vegetables in a fermented bean curd sauce. I don't remember what it was called, but its very good.

                                1. What's all the hype about??! Patronized the place this morning for the first time. Orderd shui mai-excellent for the price; 5 different Steamed dumplings: Note- the same fillings comprised of shrimp and scallops are being wrapped in different style with a slight skin variation. . My suggestion is don't order more than 2 type of dumplings otherwise it all tastes the same. There are just above average but not excellent. Macau Pork was good but not excellent for the price. Their famous cold chicken in wine sauce was just so so, not worth the rave and the price. The steamed smooth rice sheets wrapped with scallops and vegetable was above average( the same fillings being used in other steamed dumplings). Pastry wise, the egg custard was excellent but not the Durian bun. I would not order the giant house shark fin dumpling in supreme broth. This dish is served in a mini clay pot for presentation but the fillings could have been fresher for $6 each. In all, I would only return if passing by with an urge for shui mai and egg custard.

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                                  1. re: frugalgourmet

                                    This is a frightening disappointment, because a) you are one of my favorite posters, and b) I went 2x in the first half of 07 and had some great dishes, but haven't been back since...

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                                      Strange, we went on New Year's day and I have to say this time the food was better than any of the Sea Harbour dim sum I had over the past several years.

                                      Not sure what shui mai you ordered. Ours are 4 gigantic ones - identical, stuffed with pork, shrimp, tender bay scallops and fish eggs on top. Normally I would never order shui mai but based on the feedback here I decided to try it. Glad I did. It was really one of the better versions I had.

                                      Har Gow was really good, but they served it too hot and thus the skin is still mushy/sticky. When I let it cool in the steamer for 5 minutes the skin was the expected elastic self (still a tad too thick for perfection though).

                                      The turnip cake in XO sauce was very good. Fresh and light, a bit spicier than expected.

                                      Macau Pork was probably one of my favorites there. I love pork belly of any sort, and the only nit I have is that it's a bit skimpy for the price. Otherwise the only thing better is a fresh suckling pig.

                                      Their house special bun is one of the better baked BBQ pork buns around.

                                      Skipped my normal favorite chicken feet - didn't like from last time. Pork spare ribs were very good (again spicier than most versions). Football was good.

                                      Sticky rice was very tasty - very generous with fillings and saw a piece of abalone there. Only nit was the rice was a tad oversteamed and too mushy for my taste.

                                      Had the supreme broth dumpling last time. I never had a good version anywhere - usually by the time they steamed the heck out of it the filling is just too overcooked. The broth was nice though.

                                      Portuguese egg tart was very good first time we went. Decided to try the Blue Mountain coffee cake this time - turns out to be a quite good and refreshing coffee/coconut milk layered chinese jello.

                                      Anyway, scary but this place is starting to edge out Sea Harbour in my book.

                                    2. Please clarify the last couple of posts.
                                      Are you referring to The Kitchen or Elite?
                                      We loved The Kitchen when it first opened and for months thereafter. I had hoped for a good report from someone who has been very recently so we can return.
                                      Specifically, "frugalgourmet" and "notmartha," can you clarify your restaurants? Thanks!

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                                        It's the Elite on Altanlantic Ave. Went to Triumphant on Main Yesterday in Alhambra which is low on the richter scale in price vs quality comparing to Elite.

                                        1. re: liu

                                          I was commenting on Elite (the title of this thread).

                                          1. re: notmartha

                                            Thanks...and you answered correctly!!!
                                            I posted above back in April how much I loved Elite; since then, we have been at least a dozen or more times and we still love it!

                                        2. It's been a while since I last read this thread :-p ... so for dim-sum on Saturday, is it always busy? what's the best hour to avoid? like... if I try not to wait for a table for too long should I get there like around 11:30am? What kind of price range would I be looking at per-head for lunch? :-)

                                          So which one does people still vote for Sea Harbour vs Elite as -THE BEST- dim sum place? hehe

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                                          1. re: kelvlam

                                            if you want to avoid a wait on a Saturday, you need to come before 10am. Usually for a group of 10-20, I've found it's under $20 a head.

                                            1. re: choctastic

                                              overordered for a table of 4 last saturday.... $50. full and satisfied.

                                              re: choctastic... really try to get here before 10 am. at 10:01, get ready for the asian front-entrance barricade with aiwa mini-stereo PA system on full blast.

                                            2. re: kelvlam

                                              thx for the timeline suggestion choctastic and eatdrinknbmerry :-)