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Feb 26, 2007 11:41 AM

New Concept Reopens As Elite Restaurant

As posted on the board about 3 weeks ago, New Concept was sold and remodeled. It opened up about 2 weeks ago under the name Elite Restaurant. The menu appears to be a little different, but the dim sum is still good--delicate and inventive, and possibly some of the same people are involved even if the owner and original chef of New Concept aren't around. The person who told me about the opening said that Elite is actually better than New Concept, though at this point I'll just say that they're similar.

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  1. I think I passed it about an hour ago after I ate at Ocean Star! Is it up the street from NBC on Atlantic?

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    1. re: chowmominLA

      Yes, it is on Atlantic, coming from the 60 you will pass it before you hit NBC and Ocean Star...


      1. Gosh darn; I was excited to be able to post something that "only" I knew about. In my continuing effort to try all highly regardinede dim sum restaurants once each of more, I was actually looking for the old place, New Concept and drove past Elite until I saw the number on the building...

        My brief review from lunch today: Elite is pleasant experience. I was never at the predecessor, so I can't compare, but the new places seems like it has essentially new furnishings. Tea is excellent. I ordered six fairly standard dim sum dishes, but the only item that stood out was the Macau Roasted Pork. Everything else was a fairly solid "B".

        No English at the tables until you get to a Captain level, but efficient service otherwise. The menu (no trays) is very clear and easy to read. Prices are quite reasonable.

        1. Anybody knows the actual address of the place? And if you are coming from hwy 10. What's the cross street?

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            Ask and ye shall receive.

            Elite Restaurant (名流山莊)
            700 S. Atlantic Blvd.
            Monterey Park

          2. Nice, you even wrote it in chinese. Thanks