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Feb 26, 2007 11:34 AM

Egg creams at Wegman's? (Moved from DC)

Twice, when I was at Wegman's, I bought bottled egg creams (soda). They had chocolate and vanilla, regular and sugar free. I could live without the vanilla sugar free, but the chocolate was terrific. I think I found it in the Kosher food section, but I am not sure. Now I cannot find it, and no one in the stores (I looked in Ashburn and Fairfax) seems to know what I am talking about. Anyone seen this soda? Where can I buy it? Thanks.

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  1. I think you are talking about Jeff's cream soda. I found it on Amazon. Hope this is the right one:

    1. Like meimei, I'm guessing it was Jeff's. I've never seen it at Wegman's, but it is available at the Martin's Food Store near me in the Kosher food section and I have seen it in the markets in Pikesville, a suburb of Baltimore with a large Jewish population (Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray and Cream Soda in deli bottles, too). Martin's has markets in the MD/VA/PA/WVA area. They are pretty good, but why not get a bottle of Fox's U-Bet, a bottle of seltzer and a little milk and mix it old school in a chilled glass. 100X better than drinking it out of a bottle.

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        As an native New Yorker and loooong term consumer of egg creams I heartily concur with treetop tom's suggestion. Just make sure that you use Fox's U-bet chocolate syrup as it is an essential ingredient.

      2. Thanks. Those bottles don't look familiar. Amazon doesn't show Vanilla (that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just that they don't sell it at Amazon). I think the bottles of the stuff I had said "10 oz," not "9.5 oz." Wegman's sells U-Bet, chocolate and (I think) vanilla. It's that, milk and selzer, right? Or is there really eggs in egg creams?

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          There are no eggs in an egg cream! But just understand that even with Fox's U-Bet, it won't be the real deal unless the seltzer is squirted from an old-fashioned, pressurized seltzer bottle.

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            And preferably the glass of the Seltzer bottle should be blue ...

        2. Found the co web site. You have to buy it by the case (24 bottles) tho.

          1. Wegmans in FFax still carries it. Aisle #17.....Kosher Foods. They run out of stock occassionally from Spec. Foods supplier..........