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Restaurants around St. Lawrence Market?

I want to take a friend out to a reasonably priced restaurant around her condo, which is located near the St. Lawrence Market. Any cusine will do. I'm not familar with the area, so i need some suggestions.

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  1. I haven't been yet, but Trevor, on Wellington, has gotten some excellent reviews.

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      I didnt realize it was in that neighbourhood. What have you heard is good on the menu?


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        IMHO, Trevor is best experienced at the bar. The sushi pizza and mac and cheese were good. My guests and I were not overwhelmed by the mains.

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          I beg to differ. I loved the duck two ways, the pork tenderloin and the beef-cheek risotto. The mac and cheese is to die for, as Pescatarian says.

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            Nah, it's more like "good". Or "decent", rather =). The trio of burgers and the beef cheek nachos are much better.

      2. In addition to Trevor (which is very good, based on my one visit) there are also a number of other decent restaurants within walking distance of the St. Lawrence Market that have received generally positive reviews on here (but of course opinions do vary!)

        Colborne Lane - 45 Colbourne, one side-street north of Wellington... they just opened so you could be pretty cutting-edge with a visit there ;)

        Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar - 9 Church St., just south of Front

        Kultura - 169 King East, near Jarvis

        Toba - 243 King East, near Sherbourne

        Eggplant - 236 King East, near Jarvis

        Beer Bistro - 18 King East, near Victoria

        1. I'd recommend the Sultan's Tent.

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            Please pass on the Sultan's Tent. It's an overpriced, mediocre tourist trap.

            I enjoyed my dinner at Trevor, though I was miffed with the tempura shrimp -- it was breaded, not battered, so should not have been labeled tempura. But I really loved the cornish hen, served with spaetzle that is pan fried so it gets a bit crisped to go with the chewy. The bits of bacon helped, of course! And the quince turnover with five-spice caramel sauce was the perfect winter dessert.

            And to reinforce thenurse's rec below -- yes to "beerbistro", NO, NO, NO to "bier markt".

          2. What do you consider "reasonably priced". Haven't been, but I get the sense that Colborne Lane might be a bit pricey for what you are looking for. I recommend sitting at the bar at JK Wine Bar. Beerbistro is a good option (and about a 10 min walk).

              1. Izakaya
                JK wine bar
                skip the Sultan's Tent
                beer bistro (NOT beer markt)

                1. The Sultan's Tent is awesome and if it's for dinner and bellydancing show is an experience in itself.

                  1. If you like French, Le Pappillion is right at the base of Church and Front. Great crepes and reasonably priced. Their french onion soup is the best I've had, and they also have a great Caesar salad. If you want more main stream, there is a Keg right next door.

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                      I beg to differ. Le Papillon does not serve authentic French fare, and has the atmosphere and look of a tourist trap.

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                        I agree. Le Papillon was mediocre at best several years ago even.

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                          I've only been once, with a few other Montreal exiles who had sudden cravings for crepes. The crepes and onion soup (I'll eat anything for dessert) were disappointing, and the vibe we got from the restaurant was totalement francais faux.

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                            I remember thinking the crepes lacking in flavour. I don't know anyone that still goes there.