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Feb 26, 2007 11:11 AM

Restaurants around St. Lawrence Market?

I want to take a friend out to a reasonably priced restaurant around her condo, which is located near the St. Lawrence Market. Any cusine will do. I'm not familar with the area, so i need some suggestions.

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  1. I haven't been yet, but Trevor, on Wellington, has gotten some excellent reviews.

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      I didnt realize it was in that neighbourhood. What have you heard is good on the menu?


      1. re: HarryLloyd

        IMHO, Trevor is best experienced at the bar. The sushi pizza and mac and cheese were good. My guests and I were not overwhelmed by the mains.

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          I beg to differ. I loved the duck two ways, the pork tenderloin and the beef-cheek risotto. The mac and cheese is to die for, as Pescatarian says.

          1. re: estragon

            Nah, it's more like "good". Or "decent", rather =). The trio of burgers and the beef cheek nachos are much better.

      2. In addition to Trevor (which is very good, based on my one visit) there are also a number of other decent restaurants within walking distance of the St. Lawrence Market that have received generally positive reviews on here (but of course opinions do vary!)

        Colborne Lane - 45 Colbourne, one side-street north of Wellington... they just opened so you could be pretty cutting-edge with a visit there ;)

        Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar - 9 Church St., just south of Front

        Kultura - 169 King East, near Jarvis

        Toba - 243 King East, near Sherbourne

        Eggplant - 236 King East, near Jarvis

        Beer Bistro - 18 King East, near Victoria

        1. I'd recommend the Sultan's Tent.

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            Please pass on the Sultan's Tent. It's an overpriced, mediocre tourist trap.

            I enjoyed my dinner at Trevor, though I was miffed with the tempura shrimp -- it was breaded, not battered, so should not have been labeled tempura. But I really loved the cornish hen, served with spaetzle that is pan fried so it gets a bit crisped to go with the chewy. The bits of bacon helped, of course! And the quince turnover with five-spice caramel sauce was the perfect winter dessert.

            And to reinforce thenurse's rec below -- yes to "beerbistro", NO, NO, NO to "bier markt".

          2. What do you consider "reasonably priced". Haven't been, but I get the sense that Colborne Lane might be a bit pricey for what you are looking for. I recommend sitting at the bar at JK Wine Bar. Beerbistro is a good option (and about a 10 min walk).