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Feb 26, 2007 11:06 AM

need help finding savory steel cut oats recipes


As you can read in the subject I need help finding savory steel cut oats recipes.

Any & all savory steel cut oats recipes would be appreciated.

My ultimate goal is savory breakfast steel cut oats recipes for a crockpot.

But like I said I'll take any & all savory steel cut oats recipes. I can always tweak the recipe for breakfast & to be used in a crockpot.


p.s. Here is a savory breakfast steel cut oats recipe for a crockpot that I came up with & it is pretty good.

Single serving

1/3 cup steel cut oats
Option to toast oats before combining w/ other ingredients
1 1/3 cup h2o or broth
Sauted onions, mushrooms, spinach, walnuts & garlic.
Diced cooked bacon.

In crockpot on low overnight
In morning I top it with cheese & a fried egg. Oh & of course some hot sauce.

p.p.s. I also use a crockette so I can eat right out of it in the morning.

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    1. Knock yourself OUT


      There should be a few ideas here to get you started. Keep in mind that "scottish oatmeal" is just steel-cut oats. Skirlie is a particular favorite of mine.

      I've also made a savory baked porridge dish with sausage, onion, and sage/thyme/etc. We've also done it as patties, fried with the bacon.

      1. There are a few ideas in this thread from last fall...


        1. My standard is to top with kimchi and seasoned seaweed.
          You could also try the seasonings in just about any jook/congee recipe, and use oatmeal instead of rice porridge-- onions, salted veggies, chicken or seafood, pickles are all good. (Since oatmeal has a stronger taste, it can really stand up to strong flavors, I find)

          1. Try the McCann's website. They have savory recipes.