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Sweet Potato Fries?

I am on a never ending quest to find a restaurant who offers GOOD sweet potato fries...they are my favorite! One place that I really like them at is Schubas/Harmony Grill. Does anyone else know where they are served/good? Thanks!

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  1. john's place on webster at racine has really good sweet potato fries.

    swank frank's (north/damen/milwaukee) has them too, but they are cut too thin, which makes them always a little burnt and not very good. it's too bad because they serve them with this yummy sugar cinammon/sugar mixture that is very good. someone should tell them to cut them differently/cook them less - they would be excellent then!

    1. FILTER in Bucktown at 1585 N. Milwaukee Ave.; but beware... they only accept CASH!

      1. East Bank Club on Kingsbury has a restaurant. You can access the restaurant if you're not a member and they have really good sweet potato fries and a decent hamburger.

        1. Uncommon Ground at 3800 n. Clark has good fries with a great goat cheese dipping sauce.

          1. Stash's in Highland Park has em..not sure how good they are.

            1. The City Club in Naperville has EXCELLENT swee'pea fries. Come to think of it EVERYTHING there is pretty good.

              1. Thanks so much! I will be sure to try them when in those areas! Especially Uncommon Ground because it is near me.

                1. The Bar on Buena (910 W. Buena) has good sweet potato fries. And, it can't be too far away from you if you are near uncommon ground.

                  1. Hashbrowns (near Halsted & Maxwell) specializes in sweet potato hashbrowns.

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                      Went to Hashbrowns this past weekend and learned that they now have burgers and sweet potato fries, as well.

                    2. Ravinia BBQ on Roger Williams in Highland Park has excellent sweet potatoe fries.

                      1. If you like them on the sweeter side, Rockit serves GREAT ones

                        1. Union Park has great thin sweet potato fries. Good Sandwiches, reasonably priced
                          and parking.

                          Union Park
                          228 S. Racine
                          312 243 9002

                          1. best sweet potato fries i've ever had were at sabrina's in the italian market neighborhood of philly. if you know what i'm talking about, which chicago eatery's version is the closest?

                            1. They just made these on Guys Big Bite on the Food Network the other day. The recipe seems promising, though I've not tried it. Here's a link if you are so inclined.

                              1. I like the s.p. fries at Smokin' Woody's on 4160 N. Lincoln. (As well as their really freakin' good bbq). I can only assume that Calvin's at 2540 W. Armitage has them too, since it is owned by the same guy. Dip them in their bbq sauce. I couldn't get enough of these when I was pregnant.

                                Also, needed to use up some farm-share sweet potatoes the other day, so I cut them into quarter-inch thick rounds & browned them in olive oil in a frying pan with some red onion, a squirt of honey, a pinch of cinammon and a lot of salt & pepper. They were really good, and would have probably been better if I had fried them in butter and hadn't tried to cook so many at once (I'll keep it down to one layer per batch in the future).