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Feb 26, 2007 10:33 AM

Sweet Potato Fries?

I am on a never ending quest to find a restaurant who offers GOOD sweet potato fries...they are my favorite! One place that I really like them at is Schubas/Harmony Grill. Does anyone else know where they are served/good? Thanks!

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  1. john's place on webster at racine has really good sweet potato fries.

    swank frank's (north/damen/milwaukee) has them too, but they are cut too thin, which makes them always a little burnt and not very good. it's too bad because they serve them with this yummy sugar cinammon/sugar mixture that is very good. someone should tell them to cut them differently/cook them less - they would be excellent then!

    1. FILTER in Bucktown at 1585 N. Milwaukee Ave.; but beware... they only accept CASH!

      1. East Bank Club on Kingsbury has a restaurant. You can access the restaurant if you're not a member and they have really good sweet potato fries and a decent hamburger.

        1. Uncommon Ground at 3800 n. Clark has good fries with a great goat cheese dipping sauce.

          1. Stash's in Highland Park has em..not sure how good they are.