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Feb 26, 2007 10:25 AM

[DFW] St. Martin's Wine Bistro: Short Review

It's hard to believe St. Martin's Wine Bistro have been open on Lower Greenville for 30 years. The aging exterior certainly shows it... and the overall presentation is relatively "old school," with an older clientele. After several years of ignoring this restaurant, I revisited it this weekend to try their very reasonable fixed-price menu: 3 courses + wine for $30 / person.

I was excited to try the Champagne Brie Soup that everyone raves about. It was creamy and rich but unremarkable. Dessert was nice - the poached pear with caramel sauce was delicious.

The standout, though, was the beef tenderloin entree. Amazingly tender with a nice zing from the peppercorn sauce. Small portion, but more than enough after the heavy soup. The steamed veggies on the side came out a little dry, but I was focused on the delicious beef anyway.

The service was friendly, and they had no problem with my request to move to a table a little further from the piano. The food was delivered just as my date was getting up to go to the restroom. I was pleasantly surprised when our waitress removed her dish from the table to put it back under the heatlamp until she returned.

I always dread parking on Greenville Ave, but the valet parking was complimentary.

So overall, we had a really nice time and dug the ambience (dark woods, library-like, quaint and romantic). It was a refreshing change of pace from trendy uptown Dallas.

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  1. You know, I can say that I've been there, but don't think I've eaten there. It's on a corner street and Greenville Ave. Nice patio if I recall.


    1. I love the "look" of St. Martin's, and the food is usually pretty good, but "The Grape" is overall a much better restaurant when it comes to the quality of food...It has been open just as long, maybe longer, and it still rocks....