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Feb 26, 2007 10:21 AM

Indian River grapefruits--best mail-order source?

I was buying white grapefruits from Hale Groves, but their fulfillment is very slow. Not too many companies have white grapefruits--ruby reds are more popular. Do you like ruby red, and do you have a good, reliable source for them if you do?

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  1. I buy my oranges from Blood's, i gotta believe their grapefruits are great as well.

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    1. re: jfood

      I got my Pittman and Davis ruby red grapefruits. They are excellent! Big, firm, sweet, and juicy. And with the free shipping, this order was about $10 less than my old source.

      Thanks everybody!

      1. re: jfood

        Ditto Bloods...used to go there all the time...their honeybells are to die for!!

      2. I adore the ruby red grapefruits from Pittman and Davis out of Texas. They ship in a weird way, however... you just say what month you want it shipped it, you don't have much more control than that. I was about to panic by the time my $200 worth of grapefruit boxes that I gave as Christmas gifts finally came a few days before Christmas. That reminds me...i think the season is almost over, I need to go see if I can still order a box.

        1. I second the ruby reds from Pittman and Davis --delicious, as are their navel oranges. My grandmother signed us up each winter. Each fall we'd start to get anxious about when the first ones would arrive. Like Danna says, there is little control over when you get them--depends on the season and if you are getting just grapefruit or a mix. Also, if there are any crop issues--like storm damage, etc.

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            Thanks for the replies. I have ordered from Pittman and Davis. Their shipping sounds as slow and quirky as Hale's, but there's a free-shipping period coming up March 1 to 4.

            1. re: Angela Roberta

              Let us know how you like them. I ordered 12 for the March 1-4 shipping period, too. I ordered the very first ones of the season this fall, which came in November, and they were disappointing. Then I got more for gifts in December, and they were very good. Based on something I read somewhere, I think the grapefruits don't take on their color and sweetness until a little bit later in the season. I'll not order in November again, but I have high hopes for these March babies.

              1. re: danna

                I had the same experience with My P&D order in November. I called them and they refunded fully.

                I'll try again tomorrow. Last year their Ruby Reds were amazing.

              2. re: Angela Roberta

                I just ordered some for the same shipping period, per this recommendation! Usually someone hits us up to buy fund raiser grapefruit but this year we were never approached and when I read this thread I realized that I really wanted some!

                1. re: Kater

                  I just got a note in from CeeBee Citrus that their Duncan grapefruit crop is in.
                  These are very good, traditional white grapefruits - but they DO have a lot of seeds. ordered one year, they were very good, but Costco is doing for my grapefruit needs this year.


                  1. re: Kater

                    OK, they just arrived - WOW! Even my young son absolutely loves these and I'm begining to wish that I'd placed a larger order. I purchased the ruby red grapefruit and they are incredibly sweet and juicy.

                    1. re: Kater

                      Oh Good! perhaps mine will show up today. I was starting to think they were lost.

                      1. re: danna

                        I waited for the next free shipping period since my calendar sent me out of town, but I ordered half oranges/half grapefruits. With you and Kater giving such glowing reco's how could I not. These rate a 10 on the Jfood scale.

                        They are absolutely FANTASTIC. Mrs Jfood looks at me last night with sad eyes asking if there were any more grapefruits. I told her that I bought 9 and they were in the basement fridge. Major smile.

                        Jfood has one a night plus a couple of velencias from Florida. What a great way to end the day.

                        TY so much for this reco. :-)))

                        1. re: jfood

                          I just got a gift box from Pittman and Davis. Grapefruit and oranges...The oranges were so bad I had to through them out, I buy better oranges at Wal-Mart. It is a shame to pay so much to fill my trash can.

                          1. re: Greatfull but unhappy

                            you should notify them immediately. They should replace them and they probably will. If they don't offer, notify the person who sent the friut to you and they will be able to contact the company.

                            1. re: Greatfull but unhappy

                              Definitely complain. They will try to make it right, either with a refund or new fruit. It's not unusual to have one go off, but more than a couple merits action. I've had both oranges and grapefruit this month from them and they were good, so yours should be too.

                2. I live in Indian River County, and always buy my citrus from Countryside Citrus, a family operation. Hale Groves sold out to a big corporation, closed their local retail store a year ago (though reopened it this year, probably because the real estate slowdown meant there were no buyers for their groves). Anyway, Countryside has delicious white grapefruit, ruby reds, and this year I purchased the most delightful, juicy, sweet, fragrant, red navel oranges as well. Here's the link to Countryside's website:


                  If you prefer to support small growers, order from Countryside rather than Hale Groves.

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                  1. re: janniecooks

                    As one of the owners of Hale Groves, I have to dispute the comment above. We are not some big corporation, we are local growers that have purchased Hale. My family along with the Scott family have grown citrus locally for more than 5 decades. Not only that, but we continue to work with the Hale family locally on a number of projects, including the Hale retail store. Sadly, this is not the first disparaging comment that someone who is a "Countryside" fan (usually employee) has made regarding us.

                    In terms of slow shipping, keep in mind when you order, the fruit is still hanging on the tree; that is how we ensure maximum freshness. Once picked (weather permitting) and packed, orders are aggregated for refrigerated trucks to different regions of the country. We have to do this because our average package size is 17 lbs! I hope this helps explain a little bit.

                    1. re: balexanderbrown

                      Thank you for responding and clarifying the situation of your family business .

                      We have always been thrilled with the oranges and grapefruits and gift packages from Hale. The customer service is superb.

                      1. re: balexanderbrown

                        Last year I ordered some oranges for my mom as a gift from Hale Groves & it was such an exercise in frustration I have sworn off of Hale Groves. Every week I was told it was on the truck and every week I told my mom it would be there that week. They never arrived and finally I was told it was end of season and she wouldn't be getting them!!!! I threw a hissy fit & she finally got the oranges but wow! It wouldn't surprise me if someone linked my need for blood pressure medication to that episode! The year before I had ordered 7 monthly memberships for friends and family and everyone loved it but now I am not sure that I can order from Hale Groves again as that was just about more than I can handle - even my patience wears down! Also, there should be some option for people who order monthly memberships to receive something other than grapefruits. The reason I say that is that when a gift is ordered for someone who is on blood pressure medicine, it is possibly sending them to death's door since they may not realize that they cannot eat grapefruits with their blood pressure medication as it may cause a significant enough reaction to kill them. Food for thought.

                        1. re: cayoshine

                          Go easy on Hale Groves - last year's citrus harvest was not so great, and shortened I believe by the awful weather of the prior year. Hale Groves is a reputable company and their customer service is generally really good.

                          But if you still want to try Indian River citrus, consider my favorite - Countryside Citrus. I visit their store regularly to buy citrus for home use, and I enjoy the experience of driving through the groves to get there. Nothing wrong with Hale Groves, their store is more convenient for me, but I prefer the Countryside experience. Here's a link:


                          Oh, and you cannot hold the vendor responsible for shipping goods to a customer that the customer ordered, if the customer doesn't realize the product could harm him how on earth would the vendor know? That is not "food for thought", that is a damaging statement against Hale that has no basis and is illogical.