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Nesselrode Pie Wanted!

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i have been put in charge of tracking down a real, old fashioned, honest to goodness nesselrode pie for my father's b-day.

he has been talking about this pie for as long as i can remember and i want to get him the best version out there so he'll finally shut up.

any advice?

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  1. I was curious about this myself so I did a google search. There was a bit in the Times in 2004 about the pie. Someone said that Teena's Cake Fair on Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn still makes it. I have no idea if the bakery is still open and if the pie is available, so I'd track them down first. Also, in 2005 The Oyster Bar in Grand Central had the dessert listed on their menu.
    If you're really determined to give your father a great birthday gift, you may have to bake it yourself. Arthur Schwartz's book "New York City Food" has a recipe and I'm sure there are other recipes you can find on the Internet. Good luck!

    1. I understand there is also a bakery on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn that sells it.

      1. Folks, please help us keep this a focused source of tips on where to find chow in the Outer Boroughs. We've removed some off topic posts, and if you have recipe tips, please start a thread on the Home Cooking board. Thanks.