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Feb 26, 2007 10:00 AM

Neomeze in Pasadena

Anyone been?

The food and ambience look pretty enticing from what I can tell on the website.

Any informed opinions on this one?


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  1. Interesting menus. Prices seem high for Mediterrean/meze. But it is in Old Town. When did this launch?

    1. Awesome food, drinks and ambience. Not pricey at all. Mediterrean style tapas that are tasty and the presentation is beautiful. Very distinctive flavors and a good mix of Med and Cal Cuisine. Beautiful bar and lounge and the service is great. Good for a date or a group. Neomeze opened end of December 2006.

      1. n.b. people are welcome to smoke in the lounge, which is indoors. which means that this place is very popular with those who enjoy smoking.

        this is the first time i have been asked if i want an ashtray in a restaurant, because last time people were allowed to smoke indoors in california, i wasn't old enough to smoke.

        enjoyed my goat cheese salad with an inventive pomegranate dressing and almonds but prohibitively expensive... it was the size of my palm and cost me $9. and that's on the low end of the menu. i would not go back due to 1) too many smokers, i can handle one but this was too much; and 2) really expensive, i feel like they're laughing at me on the way to the bank.

        1. Great new place. The menu is tapas style. So be prepared to order WITH your friends. Since there are no entrees, you get to have a bunch of items. The Lamb lollipops and the watermelon Neo were some of our favorites and the Calamari was the best i've EVER had. I know, big words but true. Another good thing about the place was the crowd. I dont know if it is because of the security or if the place just looks too nice, but the crowd was unpretenious and incredibly cool. Good place to meet new people and a great (and less costly) alternative to sushi when looking to share food with friends

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              Smoking is not allowed in the Dining room. Its only allowed in the canvas covered bar/lounge. Im a non-smoker and it didnt bother me. But, then again, we spent most of the night in the dining room which has its own bar.

          1. I wonder any hounder tried the dineLA dinner menu there? any feedback? :-)

            btw, rumor been saying that MaryAnn Salcedo, Gordon Ramsay's sous chef from Hell's Kitchen is the chef there now?

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            1. re: kelvlam

              According to the restaurant's site, , she is the Executive Chef there.

              1. re: ElsieDee

                Dumbo me... how come I didn't browse through the site b4 asking such a stupid questions :-( sorry...

                1. re: kelvlam

                  *grinning* Not so dumbo and no apology needed - I was looking at their menu from the link up thread and then when I saw your question I was thrilled to have something to contribute. My apologies if that came off snarky - it was not intended to be so.

                  The menu looks interesting but a bit out of our normal price range.

                  1. re: ElsieDee

                    oh your reply is not snarky at all. I am fortunate enough haven't run into one like that on chowhound or yelp... hopefully never will ;-)