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Feb 26, 2007 09:54 AM

One Houston Mex-Mex lunch: Pico's or Otilia's

Heading down to Houston for a wedding next month and I'll have time for a feast on Friday (lunch). I've done some research and it looks like these two spots are highly recommended for the real deal. While the margaritas has me leaning toward Pico's, the chile relano might sway me toward Otilia's. Anybody out there have a strong opinions on these two (i might just have to squeeze in another lunch ahead of my flight on sunday....)

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  1. Tough choice! Both very good. Pico's has been around longer and is a little more dependable, perhaps; portions will be larger, service better. Comparing what I've had at both places (not chile relleno) I give the edge to Otilia's, however. Service can be quirky and I note the last couple of reviews of Otilia's on have been somewhat negative. I haven't been to either in about a year and a half.

    I think the best solution is to work in a visit to both ;).

    1. Ate at Pico's many times. Went to Otilla's once at the rec. of this board and didn't see the fuss. Would choose Pico's for dinner. As for lunch, I haven't been at lunch, but was always happy at dinnertime.

      For Mex-Mex, also consider Hugo's. For a different experience, look at Mamba's or Tampico's.

      1. Do you know that Pico's on I-10 is closed? From what I've heard, I'd avoid Mamba's but Tampico's is a pretty good bet for Mexican seafood.

          1. Thanks for the tip on Mamba's. I keep hearing it's good but never tried it. Didn't know Pico's I-10 closed.