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Feb 26, 2007 09:41 AM

Mia Casa in Athens, GA

Awesome new tapas restaurant in the old Mia Madonna location downtown. Service was a little spotty and slow, but friendly. The food trends towards South American.

We had:

-Arenas, little pockets of corn meal with fillings. Extremely tasty.
-Tamale, good not great.
-Tostones with toppings, very very good.
-Empanadas, good but not great. The accompanying sauce made the dish.
-Ceviche, best I've ever had.

With several dishes you have a choice of meat/cheese toppings/fillings. I would avoid the shrimp, as it tastes good but has a mushy texture. The chicken was amazing. Can't wait to try the steak.

The house white wine is very tasty as well.

Dinner for two with wine around $35.00.

Highly reccomended. I hope they do well and stay open a long time.

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  1. Arepas, right?

    What type of seafood in the ceviche?

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    1. re: Dax

      Arepas. And Casa Mia, I think. Sorry.

      It was just tilapia, which I normally avoid. Turns out it's perfect for ceviche. Go figure. Perfect blend of salt and citrus sour and tender barely-lime-cooked fish. Really tasty.

    2. Definately avoid the shrimp, except for the soup which is pleasant. When we went, I ordered two shrimp dishes and both were "salad shrimp". The tilapia was wonderful - tastes like the same recipe as the old Pollo Loco on Prince Ave. I recommend the chilled steak dish and the chicken and mayo filled arepas. Surprisingly tasty, like really good chicken salad. Casa Mia's not going to be winning any awards, but for the price (everything's around 4.95), it's a nice addition to the athens landscape. I'd avoid the house wines (least when i was there) and try one of their other extremely affordable options.

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      1. re: michka

        Yeah, exactly. It ain't Five & Ten, but it's so much better than most other restaurants in Athens.

      2. Well, Mia Madonna is ok for tapas...but honestly, if your craving something more "South American"...get tostones and a Cuban sandwhich at Cali n Tito's for lunch...get the number 1 combo...chicken or steak cuban, drink, and a side of tostones...around 7$...forget the tapas...

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        1. re: musebandrules

          The Cubanos at CnT are definitely pretty good (and possibly the best hangover food ever), but not very authentic as far as traditional Cubanos go.