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Feb 26, 2007 09:19 AM

Foodie Gifts to bring back from Moscow

DH is going to Moscow in a few weeks. What should I have him bring back?

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  1. caviar ^-^
    some dark chocolates especially the air-ated ones (look like Aero chocolates but better quality) -- Red Oktober is a famous Moscow confectionary
    other things like dried mushrooms/berries might not be allowed through customs

    1. Just for posterity sake -- my parents just got back from Moscow and brought really good "pastila" and "zefir" (like marshmallows by different texture -- less poofy and fake), the ingredients are sugar, apple puree, (if flavored cranberry then also cranberry puree), stabilizers.
      Also its worth trying different breads -- especially recommend really aromatic "borodinsky" bread (with coriander seeds).