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Feb 26, 2007 09:12 AM

Best Persian Food in San Fernando Valley

Connected to my other post looking for a nice Indian/Pakistani restaurant...

I'm looking for a nice, more upscale Persian restaurant in the San Fernando Valley (I'll be driving from Simi Valley to give people an idea). Good food is a must, but ambience is important too as is this is a special occasion. Thanks for any recs anyone can provide!

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  1. Not upscale but, great food: Shamshiri Roscoe and Tampa

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    1. re: Kitchen Queen

      Unfortunately, I also don't know any upscale places. I've always liked Shirin in Woodland Hills off of Ventura.

      1. re: SauceSupreme

        Yes, also very good but, I never get to that end of the valley. There's also Green Cottage at Ventura and Winnetka. Good but, I love Shamshiri!

        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          I second Green Cottage. The food is MUCH better than Darband. I felt the latter's was served too quickly, almost as though it was pre-prepared and then reheated. GC took its time, plus we got great entertainment (including the patrons participating) on a Saturday evening.

    2. Darband on Ventura blvd in Tarzana is really good. Nice upscale atmosphere.

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        Darband is the one I've heard praised by friends, though I've never been there myself. If driving wasn't a problem then Raffi in Glendale, or Shehrzad or Sholeh in Westwood would be very good choices. Personally I love the ambience and decor in Baran on Westwood, but the food's so-so.

      2. Char Fasl in Agoura Hills. I think they have live music on certain nights, and since they remodeled, it looks pretty nice inside. The only thing is that the service can sometimes be "iffy".

        1. If you're willing to make the drive out of the Valley, go to Raffi's in Glendale. Beautiful outdoor patio seating area and fantastic food.

          1. Maykadeh on Ventura Blvd., if it's still there.