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Feb 26, 2007 09:09 AM

Orfus Road: Pho Place and Korean BBQ

They are both across from Grande Cheese ( Orfus/Dufferin) ...Has anyone been to either of these places? You just never know where good food might be...Thanks!

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  1. Not sure what Pho place you are referring to across from Grande cheese. I believe you might be referring to the fast food chinese restaurant (the name escapes me). All I have to say it don't even think about it. It has got to be the worst food I've ever tasted. Cheap but disgusting. I'd rather go to Manchu Wok for fast food any day. The other place you were inquiring about is the Korean restaurant. I enjoy it. They have a wide selection of Korean and Japanese food. The prices are reasonable. You can cook your meat (Kalbi/Bulgogi) at your table. Friendly staff and set lunch menus are decent.

    1. I concur. The korean place is excellent and very well priced at lunch.

      Unfortunately the name escapes me

      1. It's called Seoul House - but not really too sure why each time I try to search for the address, it turns up on Dufferin. But it's definitely off Orfus Road - in the plaza. (Perhaps the Plaza's address is Dufferin - but the closest entrance to the Korean restaurant is Orfus - just East of Rinx & Whirleyball).

        Seoul House
        3220 Dufferin Street
        North York, ON M6A 2T3

        1. its on the corner of dufferin and orfus road.

          the food is good (had better on little korea on yonge/finche area) but it was good

          1. I know the Vietnamese place you mean. It's on Dufferin on the east side, right? I havent been there yet either.