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Feb 26, 2007 09:07 AM

Special meal in Boston

I'll be visiting a dear friend in Boston area in Mid-May. For her graduation and good-bye, since she'll be returning to her motherland in Asia. It may be a few years before we have a chance to see each other again. Please suugest a good place where I may treat her to a nice meal, dinner or lunch. We both are world travelers and very adventurous when it comes to eatting, so any curisine would be fine. Price wise, I'm hoping no more than $50/person (excluding drinks). Please advise. Thank you!

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  1. Evoo in Somerville, Blue Room in Kendall Sq., Lineage in Coolidge Corner, Eastern Standard and Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore Sq., Union in the south end, Prezza in the north end (pushing the limit).

    1. I would also reccomend Eastern Standard and Petit Robert. Both places would fir your budget and have great food.

      1. Oleana in Cambridge is quite lovely. So many lovely flavors. The waitstaff is extremely knowledgeable and the atmosphere is warm and cozy, (but not on top of your neighbor cozy). I believe they also use local ingredients too, so thats always a plus.

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          1. I think the roast duck for 2 at Salts in Cambridge is ~$60. That's actually a lot of food (can potentially skip apps). With dessert, it's should be below your budget limit. Kitchen with excellent technique.

            Another place to consider is Cafe Baraka, order the squab bastilla (36hrs in advance). Great North African food. Unlikely to hit your budget max (and they don't serve alcohol - but do order the rose flavoured lemonade).