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Feb 26, 2007 09:07 AM

Luna's Cafe opened, N of downtown Oakland

Luna's Cafe, near 24th and Telegraph, replaced a so-so Japanese/Korean place that replaced an okay Japanese place. But there has been a coming soon sign for almost a year. Today I chanced to walk by, and it's open.

The menu is divided in two, with Eritrean on one side, and Italian on a smaller side. Seemed like an odd combination to me. The Eritrean fare looked pretty standard: not many selections, but this is the closest place to downtown Oakland I've seen.

It may be a while before I get a chance to try it, but any Eritrean fans in the downtown area who want to brave the rain this week...

Luna's Cafe
2432 Telegraph\
Tues-Sun 11-10

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  1. Ethiopia/Eritrea was an Italian colony (not sure if that's the precise term, but you get the idea), so Italian dishes are common in Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurants. I'll be interested in hearing a report -- we can put it on the Ethiopian crawl list (yeah, I haven't forgotten, I'm aiming for an installment next week).

    1. There's a relatively new Ethiopian restaurant, Enssaro, not too far from downtown - on Grand near Lake Merritt - not too far past Children's Fairyland if you're coming from downtown.

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        I'd heard about that, and seen some good reviews. Still waiting for the day when I can take a whole hour for lunch, much less the two hours it would take me to get there, eat, and get back (on foot).

      2. Do remember who owned all the "horn of africa" until after wwII. Most of the architecture and restaurants of the area are Italian, so it is an obvious combination.

        I hope it's good. Thanks for taking notice of it, I'll try it tonight.