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Feb 26, 2007 08:55 AM

Best Burger Never Mentioned

This weekend I went to Mollys for a buger and was very dissappointed. The burger it self was nice and juicy but basically flavorless. I live on the UES and love grabbing a burger at Doc Watsons. The burger is seasoned to perfection and I love the circular cottage fries.. There is a major difference between having a burger that has been seasoned within as opposed to adding your own salt and pepper. I am just wondering if I am alone in this and if anyone else feels the same about Doc Watsons!

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  1. Never tried Doc Watsons, but I think Keens has a great never-mentioned burger, available at any time on the pub menu.

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      i have replied with this before, but if we are on the topic of "under the radar" burgers i say daddy o's on bedford in the west village. their meat is from florence meat market. someone try it please! anyway i think there are probably a multitude of pubs around the city that are getting it right...

    2. i've seen that mentioned as a criticism of molly's. personally, i love the rich meatiness and don't mind adding a bit of salt and pepper after the fact. since i'm not a fan of much seasoning to begin with but like a juicy burger, molly's is one of my favorites.