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Feb 26, 2007 08:51 AM

Anyone been to PlumpJack Cafe recently?

My wife and I will be visiting SF in mid-March. A business contact has made reservations for dinner with us at PlumpJack Cafe on Fillmore St. I read the most recent reviews and I'm not all that impressed. They changed chefs last year and apparently this once higly-rated place has gone downhill. Have any of you SF Hounds been to PlumpJack within the past month? What did you think? Thanks.

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  1. I had a fabulous time at Plumpjack about 2 weeks ago. They just got reviewed by Bauer in the SF Chronicle. Check it out...the review is still on the online dining page ( think that's the address). The food was exciting and delicious. Very architectural, clean and innovative. The amuse bouche was a beet sherbet with candied orange peel.....woke up all the taste buds. The foie gras with barhi dates and unsmoked peppercorn was among the best foie I have had. Additionally, the duck tongues were perfectly crisped and well seasoned. Crab salad with pomelo grapefruit and avocado was classic and very fresh.

    The chef is pulling the restaurant out of it's dull past and making the place a destination restaurant for people like myself who do not want to eat the same meal at every restauratnt. He is making it stand out. I would definately keep your reservation.

    1. I definitely agree - keep your reservations. I have been back to Plumpjack twice now in the last 3 months. The menu is quite exciting and very creative. I also had an unforgettable foie experience. I understand that the new chef comes from a some of the most impressive restaurants around - El Bullis (Spain), Manresa, Daniel Paterson, Fat Duck (London), etc. i would recommend getting the tasting menu - it has lots of interesting items the chef doesn't have on the regular menu. Good luck