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Wedding Catering

My fiance and i are getting married April of 2008 any catering suggestion or wedding reception/cerimony spots would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You won't get any helpful answers without more details like where, what budget, etc. There are lots of similar queries on this board, use the search.

    1. try leftcoastcatering.com. Laurine, the chef, is the bomb and will give you advice over the phone. She's been doing cool weddings in Bay Area for 10 years.

      1. I guess I need more info. We would like to get hitched in San Francisco the north bay or the east bay. The cerimony outside and the reception inside. Approximatly 200 guests. We are open to discussing all prices. We want family style on each table...

        1. There are posts on catering in the wine country, San Francisco, East Bay... some older, but should give you something to start with, and you can then post more specific queries. Once you pick a place they often make you pick from their approved list of caterers, so you may want to choose that first to avoid doing extra legwork.

          for example:












          1. Talula Bay Catering has got to be one of the best caterers I've ever dealt with. The food was awesome.......very seasonal with really original menu ideas. Definitely a good caterer for foodies. They catered my brothers wedding and I've NEVER seen such a high level of service from a catering staff. I can't remember the last time a waiter in a restaurant refilled my water without prompting, so I was flabbergasted when one of the staff rushed up with a pitcher to refill the glass I was holding in my hand. http://www.talulabay.com/

            1. Folks, while recommendations for caterers are on topic here, general wedding planning discussion, including locations, is off topic. We've removed some off topic posts, so please, keep the recommendations chowish. Thanks.

              1. We're planning a wedding right now. Of the three caterers we've tried to far, this is how we'd rank them best to worst:

                1) Ann Walker (fabulous food, really professional, costliest) in San Anselmo
                2) Shai's (really good food, cheapest) in Kensington (East Bay)
                3) Schumann's Four Seasons (tastes like "hotel food") in Mountain View

                My big test for a caterer is that I'd want a place where I would pay money to eat food by that caterer if they had a restaurant. I definitely would for Ann Walker and Shai's (and Shai's has a restaurant).

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                  by that standard you can try Left Coast Catering's food at the Left Coast Cafe, corner of 9th and Brannan, open for lunch only m-f.

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                    FWIW we used Ann Walker as did our friends and all were pleased with food quality, but were also really impressed by their professionalism and how easy they were to work with.

                    1. Hi,

                      I'm in the same boat. I just booked the kohl in Burlingame for May 08. It's beautiful there you may want to check it out. Once you book they have a list of caterers, about 20 you can choose from. I'm just getting quotes now. If you do talk to any caterers I'd love to share information. It's a hard decision based on so many factors, quality of food, service, cost, style, presentation... Very important decision in my opinion. I looked at a lot of sights before booking kohl so if there is a price range I may be able to help out more. Also make sure you go to herecometheguide.com for all the northern california sites.

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                        Check out Joshua Charles Catering, they do weddings, special events, dinner parties etc. Great food!

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                          Hi Ktstuart

                          I am booking Kohl Mansion in Nov 08 and I am just starting to look for caterers myself. Are you happy so far with the caterer you've picked?

                        2. I used Michael Goldstein catering for my son's bar mitzvah at the Golden Gate Yacht Club (great location) in November. Not only was the food spectacular (we did family style for adults; buffet stations for the teens) but he provided a party planner which was a huge help.

                          1. I recently got married in San Francisco. My bride and I went with Fork & Spoon Productions as our caterer, following a fairly thorough selection process. They were excellent - great food, great service, great planning. Our guests, some of whom are seriously picky foodies, were raving about the food during dinner, after dinner, and it's been a number of weeks since the wedding and our guests are still raving about the food and the service. They also did all our flowers, decorations, furniture rentals, and coordinated all the logistcs for those things - again with guests still raving about how things looked as well. Chef Adam and all the people at Fork & Spoon totally came through for us, especially after we gave very specific requests on our menu - they executed our desired menu flawlessly. http://www.forkandspoonproductions.com/