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Feb 26, 2007 08:46 AM

Calgary Farmers market

It was my first time there this weekend and I left with lots of good stuff. What are some peoples favorite places or things to get while at the Calgary farmer's market?

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  1. My favourites: the croissants, the mixed berry crepe with organic yogurt, and other sweet treats from the Ladybug Bakery stall; the guava cookies and moccacinos from the gelato booth; and the maple fudge walnuts and chili lime pepitas from the nut mix booth.

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    1. re: diamondintherough

      Vital Green Farms cream from Blush Lane Organics. Lund's Farm carrots are the cripest and most flavorful in season.

    2. Sylvan Star Gouda - medium to aged - from the Sylvan Star Cheese booth in back.

      Swiss Chicken Pie - Simple Simon Pies

      Lemon tart & frozen croissants - Ladybug

      1. Diamond- I am with you on Tutti Fruiti, in fact I'd say they have the best gelato, bar none, in Calgary. Their tiramisu flavour is as good as the best in Vancouver, much richer than Fiasco and better prices than Amato.

        But this is the thing- after the owner (who is a WONDERFUL PERSON) and I were chatting about coffee (they're from Colombia after all) she tells me that her husband is a magician with espresso, so I buy one, and it is just disgusting. Pull for a double was maybe 4 seconds, gushing diarrhea espresso, the worst imaginable- I threw it in the garbage. Another visit I notice the fratello signs (they get beans from fratello, a good Calgary roaster who supplies Good Earth) has a pic of latte art, so I ask if they do that there- and she assures me that her magician-barista hubby does "all sorts" of latte art. I have a very hard time believing this since I got one of the worst espressos of my life there, but you mention their moccaccinos, so did I just have a bad accident there? And do they do latte art at this gelato place, because they sure as hell seem to have given up any pretense of quality at Bit O Beans- last time I was there, their espresso machine (a beautiful Elektra Moderne) was "broken."

        OH, at the market I LOVE the Ukrainian food stand!!!

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        1. re: John Manzo

          John - Tutti Frutti is no Caffe Artigiano, which is where I go whenever I'm in Vancouver for some top-notch espresso and the latte art of which you speak. I personally enjoy their mochas when I'm wandering around on a cold winter day, but would not recommend them to a true coffee conoisseur, and although I think they have the best coffee drinks in the market I wouldn't drive all the way there for one. I've never seen anything particuarly fancy in terms of art being done there either..

          1. re: diamondintherough

            Bit o Beans has better sourced coffee (they use Big Mountain, same as Bumpy's and Cafe Koi, two places the do latte art), so it disappointing to see how uneven they are. I think the market can use a REALLY good coffee purveyor just as there is a brilliant JJ Bean at Granville Island Mkt in Vancouver.

            I was just asking because what I got at Tuttti was so terrible, I mean TERRIBLE, when their gelato is so spectacular!

          2. re: John Manzo

            Debbie and Henry are fantastic people.

            My dog loves the pet bakery at the market too...Bon a Pet the name : )

          3. I love the cranberry pecan bread from the bread booth. Unfortunately if you go after noon on Saturday there's never any left.

            Veggie Currie Pies from Simple Simon Pies

            Chocolate Croissants from Ladybug

            1. The cabbage rolls, and everything else at European Home Cooking, aka ukrainian booth is awesome. Go see Dan and Megan, then finish off with a lemon tart from Ladybug. A perfect weekend lunch.