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Feb 26, 2007 08:34 AM

Lunch/dinner recommendations near the Renaissance St. Louis Grand?

Hi all,

I'm going to be in St. Louis for a week in March for a bridge tournament at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand on 800 Washington st. Any recommendations on good, affordable lunchs or dinners in that area? I don't think we are renting a car.

From reading the St. Louis BBQ boards, it seems to find the best BBQ in St. Louis is to "get in a car and drive to kansas city." But surely there must be some good places for BBQ in town?

I do want to try the frozen custurd at Ted drewes, do I need a car for that? or can I get there via public transportation?

Lastly, we are planning on having one special occasion dinner while in St. Louis. Any recommendations? I was thinking a steakhouse. . . .

I'm not interested in any chains, but more local and regional recommedations special to St. Louis. Thanks so much!


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  1. The restaurant in that hotel is one of the best special occasion restaurants in St. Louis. An American Place (

    You would likely need a car to get both good bbq and Ted Drewes. You can go to O"Fallon, IL to eat at 17th Street Bar and Grill, which is newly opened. I've not been there, but have had the bbq at other places, and it is very good.

    1. Am Place is a special event place - but not the best in my book( a bit costly ). I love Copia- atmosphere and food, although others on the board have had more mixed experiences. It is especially nice if you know wines since they have a crazy cellar. I also think Red Moon is great- very interesting design and good value for the unusual food they serve( top notch bar tenders- plus for me since I am a martini drinker). Plus you are a block south of the City Museum and all teh after hours unusualness one could ask for. There have been so good reviews of the Dubliner as a fun breakfast spot. Gotta have a car for ted drews- get a group and go by taxi.Enjoy!

      1. One of my favorite splurge restaurants is in your hotel: An American Place. Be sure to have a drink at the 1930'-style bar (this is not the bar physically inside the restaurant, it is next to the restaurant.

        For cheap lunches: 10th Street Italian, and for nice sandwiches: Breve Espresso Company - both on 10th Street. And you might get a kick out of Papa Fabarre's on the second floor of Macy's.

        1. you can take the Metrobus to Ted Drewes, but it will take about an hour and cost about $4.50.

          An American Place is quite pricey, as are most of the restaurants in that neighborhood. Cool atmosphere, but expensive.

          You could catch a bus down to the South Grand--lots of good Asian joints, just get off at the first stop south of the park. The Central West End has a lot of restaurants within a mile or so north of the Metrolink.

          BBQ is harder. my current favorite is Smoking Als on Hampton near Forest Park, but I have no idea how well served the area is by bus, and it's at least 2 miles from the Forest Park/Debaliviere Metrolink station.

          If you want to explore the possibility of using public transit, has schedules and will plot your trip for you. Advice: use the Metrolink as much as you can, and don't plan on making bus-to-bus connections--somehow that seems to work less often here than most places.

          1. Everest Cafe on the 1900 block of Washington has a great, inexpensive buffet for lunch. It is a Nepalese restaurant, but the food is very similar to Indian. It's a bit frumpy looking but it is clean and the food is good. It would be a nice walk or a very short taxi ride from the hotel.

            Red Moon at 15th and St. Charles is relatively close and would be a good dinner. They claim to be Asian with a French influence, or at least, cooking style. Very neat decor and atmosphere and the food's pretty good. A great place for a martini.

            If you really want to use public transit, take the light rail (Metrolink) from downtown to Shrewsbury. This end of the line is only a few blocks from Ted Drewes on Chippewa. You can take the 8 bus from the station and get off at Chippewa, with only a short block walk.

            Across the street from TD is Aya Sofia, a nice Turkish restaurant.