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Feb 26, 2007 08:33 AM

Plan my food itenary please

I am coming to NYC for the first time ever at the end of March. I am on a tight budget.
Im staying off Times Square and want to know where to eat thats CHEAP but recommended near there for breakfast.......


a) a cheap sushi place, conveyor belt if possible. No fancy stuff, just good basic sushi near Times Sq.

b) A must do restaurant in the area (must be cheap also)

Somehwhere near Rivington Street thats cheap.

Somewhere near Century 21 also.

I prefer Japanese, Italian and I love seafood but the idea is to eat well for as cheap as possible.

So> cheap n cheerul pls!

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  1. Can you be more specific about your budget? Cheap means different things to different people and you want to make sure people reccomend the right places. Times Square has very few budget options. You're better off walking a couple blocks to Hell's Kitchen which has lots of places and lots of variety. The lower East Side is a great food neighborhood and after you give some more info about your budget, I'm sure people will chime in with lots of options.

    Just keep in mind that the places right near Times Square cater to tourists who just assume everything is expensive in NYC so the prices are marked up an insane amount. Even the Olive Garden and Red Lobster!

    1. Thats great advice, I dont mind going elsewhere if Im going to get a good deal. Budget wise - I am flexible, just want a good deal. Anywhere thats known for being good value for money

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        Can you give a ceiling then - it's just that what may seem like a good deal to some - white truffles on pasta for $120 - may not seem like a good deal for you.

      2. The "Hell's Kitchen" neighborhood (Clinton is its more formal name) is part of the Times Square/Theater District area. You can eat well and inexpensively, by heading, as JeremyEG suggested, to 9th Av., between the high 30's and the low 50's, where you will find an array of restaurants serving a wide variety of international cuisines.

        Roberto Passon, on the corner of 9th & 50th, is an Italian restaurant with very good food and nice ambiance. At lunch, they offer what is considered an exceptionally good deal by NYC standards: a 3-course prix-fixe for $15 (not including beverage, tax (nearly 9%), & tip (15-20 %).

        Cascina, on 9th, b/t 45th & 46th Sts., is another Italian restaurant I really like. Their regular menu prices are quite reasonable.

        You might want to have a look at Menupages, an excellent NYC restaurant information resource, where you can see menus along with prices.

        1. Tuclingo del Valle or Tehuitzinga (both on 10th ave in Hell's Kitchen) for cheap Mexican.

          West Side Sushi (9th ave) has inexpensive sushi. The House rolls (filled with crab meat) are what to get.

          9th ave in Hell's Kichen has great inexpensive, restaurants of all types of cuisines.

          You can do a seach on this board for "Hell's Kitchen", "Theater District" or any other area you like to get past posts in places in that can also search on restaurant names.

 has almost every restaurant menu in NYC w/phone number, address...

          Check out for a great subway/street map of NYC...don't forget to buy an all day Metrocard (if you're planning on taking 4 or more subway/bus rides in one day).

          1. Thanks for the advice, have noted some great looking links.