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Your Favourite "Instant" Ramen?

All the ramen talk on the LA board leads me to ask, which "instant" ramen (whether dehydrated or "fresh") would you recommend?

I guess I'm not so much asking about the $0.25/package type, but the ones they sell @ Japanese markets. Which ones have good broth? Which have great noodles?

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  1. I like Neoguri myself. The trick is to boil the noodles twice. The first time, just boil for a minute or two, drain the pot of the oily water (oil from the noodles), then add fresh hot water and the soup etc, and boil for a few more minutes, and the ramen tastes very clean, without the oily and msg'ish taste.

    Neoguri has thick'ish noodles. Its soup is spicy, with red pepper powder etc.

    1. My current favorite is something called JamPong Ramen. It is a red package with a happy squid in the front. Pretty good for $.79 a pop. Good spicy seafood flavor.

      1. My all time favorite is Shin Ramyun, a spicy korean noodle package. I like to mix a beaten egg or just egg whites at the end to make it like an egg drop soup.

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          I do the exact same thing! I also eat ramen (ramyun for Koreans like me) with cold kimchi - the hot and cold sensation is really refreshing.

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            Definitely have to have kimchi in there! Making my mouth water. :)

        2. The only one I eat is Sapporo Ichiban. It isn't fantastic, but it's a definitely a step up from Maruchan. I usually toss in some Sriracha, so I never buy the spicy ones. I also prefer my instant ramen without any processed meat since I'll usually add that on my own.

          1. shin ramen, Ive been eating it all of my life.

            when I was little though, I liked to eat it raw with the soup base sprinkled on it

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              I used to love eating raw instant noodles with the soup base sprinkled over it. Who didn't? lol

              Have you seen the korean snack "ppu shyuh ppu shyuh"? (in korean, it means, break it up, break it up). It's basically the same idea - packaged like instant noodles with the soup base packet - break up the noodles, sprinkle the soup packet and eat!

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                never heard of the snack. I do recall there being a raw ramen snack called u.f.o or something along those lines in korea...or am I thinking of the japanese brand?
                It just makes more sense to use shin ramen anyways (: .

                open up the bag, add the sauce packet, crush it, shake, eat


            2. Put me down for Shin Ramen also. Love the heat and the spongy noodles. For some reason I much prefer the packet over the cup/bowl version.

              There is also some brand ("Little Chef"?) that has something called a retort pouch. They sell the bowls at asian groceries. The pouch contains pieces of ingredients in sauce (the eggplant version I had had eggplant, waterchestnut, other stuff). It's heartier than most regular ramen. The flavors are also a bit more... "adventurous" let's say.

                1. I've noticed more and more instant ramens out at the korean market lately. My favorites tend to be from the NongShim brand (shin ramen is one). My recent fav is the instant ramen offered by TeumSae. I guess it's a big noodle house in korea (apparently, they opened one up in Los Angeles, but it didn't last long) that now offers the instant version. It's realllllly spicy but really good!

                  1. I love IndoMie mi goreng. The sweet, sticky soy packet, garlic paste and chili oil is perfect.

                    I don't have a favorite brand for the vermicelli/bean thread noodle style, but that comes in a close second.

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                      huh, I had no idea there were vermicelli/bean thread style ramen packets -- love that glass noodle texture, will have to seek them out -- any couple of brands you can point me to as better?

                    2. I am a huge Neoguri fan. I could probaly eat that every day for a month. I too, like to crack an egg it in along with some chopped korean peppers.
                      And of course, you have to have kimchee with it. I prefer radish (batchelor) kimchee with mine!

                      1. i'm a big fan of Sau Tau brand - they're a HK brand and the noodles are more like egg/wonton noodles. The noodles are not deep fried which helps keep the calorie (and fat) count down (< 300 cal/serving vs something comparable to a big mac).

                        looks like this: http://www.ctfood.se/u_img/1220_inst_...

                        my favs are the wonton noodle flavour and the chicken w/ abalone

                        they also come in the thicker egg noodle and rice noodle

                        w/ traditonal ramen - nong shim's shin cup korean spicy noodle is good as is the nissin sesame chicken or garlic pork stir-noodle (or lo-mein)