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Feb 26, 2007 07:47 AM

Favorite Food Network Chef

Ok so Bon Appetit just listed Giada DeLaurentis as their readers favorite celebrity chef- I am inclined to agree- her food is simple but always tasty and has the right amount of delicious ingredients -good and not so good for you (I love cheese- its kind of my weakness!). So I want to know what all the chowhounds think- is she the best? Who do you like and why and for fun- who don't you like?

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  1. I am a fan of Barefoot Contessa because I like her presentations and her recipes always trun out great for me. But Giada is a close 2nd.

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    1. re: Suzie

      Me too. Ina Garten #1, then Giada.

      1. re: Suzie

        1: INA GARTEN 2: TYLER FLORENCE tied with GIADA I also like watching F.N. Canadians
        1: ANNA OLSON'S- Sugar 2: MICHAEL SMITH'S Chef at Home 3: LAURA CAULDER'S French Food at Home AND I LOVE: MING TSAI

        1. re: Suzie

          Ina Garten is a mouth breather. Literally. Not the best when you're wearing a mic.

          1. re: pdxgastro

            noticed that (again) yesterday watching her.
            plus tried her recipe for hard boiling eggs, completely undercooked raw-ish center, duh.
            I knew better but had to try (after all) 5 minute hard boiled eggs 'sounded' great :(

        2. giada and ina garten are tied for me. mario batali is 3rd

            1. re: Oh Robin

              I love Ina & Giada too. But am I the only one who hates it when Ina says "use good vanilla" and "how bad can that be?" Also I love Giada's cooking accessories. Little pink mise en place bowls and cute serveware.

              1. re: Oh Robin

                Ina lost a lot of points with me when she steamed some mussels open for a seafood salad, then drained them into the sink. What a waste of flavorful broth.

                1. re: sr44

                  Word, doesn't that drive you nuts? Also, when I make a batter, I scrape every single bit out of the bowl. Not just to prevent waste but makes for easier cleanup. You know who also scrapes well? Martha Stewart. Growing up in a big Polish family did her some good.

                  1. re: pdxgastro

                    Scraping, or the lack thereof, makes me wild.

                2. re: Oh Robin

                  "am I the only one who hates it when Ina says "use good vanilla". well in her defense, probably some use the standard imitation kind, thinking it won't really matter and how much difference can it make. I buy our childrens' vanilla when I know they're about to be out of vanilla. that way, they don't have to worry about spending their money on it but I know they have the best real stuff.

                  what drives me crazy is how she uses her teaspoon and dips it in dijon mustard jar then using same spoon she puts it directly into the salt bowl and then into the pepper. husband has even noticed and said, ''how good can 'that' be?''

                  1. re: iL Divo

                    America's Test Kitchen did a taste test with real & fake vanillas and couldn't tell the difference in baked goods. So this time around, I'm using fake.

                    1. re: pdxgastro

                      I know what Cook's declare but I can taste the fake vanilla in a hearbeat and I am not the Princess feeling the pea under the mattresses. Having said that, it does I agree, depend on what is cooked or baked. If the vanilla is hidden under chocolate or other bold flavors quality artificial vanilla is probably OK. In a custard or eggnog or any other strictly vanilla based recipie use the real thing.. cautions Choconutty.

                      1. re: pdxgastro

                        There is a huge flavor difference! I always use real extracts.

                3. I like Ina Garten, Nigella Lawson, and Giada DeLaurentiis. They are the three who consistently make food that 1) I actually want to eat, 2) that I would actually cook myself.

                  1. Well I miss Sara Moulton but like Ina the best and then Giada.