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Feb 26, 2007 07:47 AM

Sunday Brunch near Lincoln Ctr

Taking the nieces to see Pirates of Penzance on Sunday...any good brunch places in area?

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  1. Isabella's on Columbus...great for brunch!!

    1. Eatery is fantastic. Rosa Mexicano has a solid brunch too.

      1. if your nieces are young and you can venture down to 51st Vynl on 9th would work. lots of menu choices, and it's a festive place with retro toys everywhere.

        1. Neither Vynl nor Eatery will have any room at brunch time.

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          1. re: piccola

            i was at Vynl last weekend at 1pm for brunch and was seated rather quickly. but it was definitely crowded.

            1. re: twiggles

              i'm jealous. then again, i always give up after 20 minutes - there's good stuff within walking distance.

          2. O'Neals--right across the street.