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Feb 26, 2007 07:42 AM

Broadway Cellars Brunch

We had a nice brunch there yesterday.
A diverse menu with a few twists on the usual brunch fare (the "Ned Beatty" was great, a pulled pork/chipotle benedict). The litmus test for me is a side of bacon, which was perfectly crisp and full of porky goodness.
The menu has enough good looking items that we will be back to try more.
All in all, a nice addition to the neighborhood, and it beats the hell out of M. Henry, which seems to always disappoint us in so many ways...

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  1. Nothing to do with brunch, but we had a wonderful dinner there the other night - DH had the coffee roasted pork loin, which was fantastic. I had the steak sandwich, which was pretty good - the fries were really good, the steak was okay. The wine flights were the best part - 3 generous 3 oz pours for $9, so much fun to mix and match. We had the puddin' trio for dessert, and the pot de creme was fantastic!