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Feb 26, 2007 07:40 AM

It's been a while since the Downhill Alert- Gingerbread House in Oakland?

We have ressys to go with some friends on Friday, which means I need to be ordering here soon. It's the friends who want to go, so "go somewhere else" isn't an option. Would love to know what to expect as far as recent experiences go. And, also, has anyone tried anything on the current menu other than the spoon Jambalaya, which is the only think from the current menu I saw mentioned specificaly?

Current menu:

I am leaning towards something "experimental" like the rabbit, pheasant, quail... no lamb or crab.

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  1. We ate there several years ago and thought it was horrible. Any resemblence to cajun was purely accidental. Have never been back and won't.

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    1. re: rtmonty

      Then I might just cut my losses and get something I wouldn't every really have otherwise. Like the rabbit. I can get mediocre jambalaya at Whole Foods just a block away.

      1. re: Chowsmurf

        Jambalaya sounds like a better bet. I had the quail when I went several years back *bleck* Report back to give us an update.

        1. re: Chowsmurf

          If I had to go there, I'd probably order the combo plate. Between red beans and rice, hot sausage, and jambalaya, there ought to be something edible.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I went there a couple of years ago and had the combo plate. The red beans and rice were dry, but the jambalaya was quite good, as was the hot sausage. Nothing to write home about, though...

      2. Haven't been in years, but it was always atmosphere more than the food. Some nice live music in the past. Still the dinners were ok.... For the "exotic" entrees they'll want advance notice, the menu,
        , has asteriks on the items that can be "ordered the same day as your arrival".

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        1. re: seaweed

          Yeah, I guess the woman hosting us is having us all order on Thursday. So I have a day to make up my mind. :)

        2. So, we had a pleasant time at the Gingerbread House. The woman who owns it is a wingnut, in a good way. We were there early, so she gave us lots of attention and was a hoot.

          The food wasn't much worth writing home about, but tasty. The star of the night was the cornbread and the shrimp stuffed sole. That sole was tasty. I got the rabbit. Wish I'd gotten the pheasant. The cherry duck was tasty. I've had better jambalaya, though they make their own hot sauce, which really kicked the dish up.

          The best part of the night was the gingerbread chocolate chip cookie with ice cream. I would go back just for that!