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bakery in metrowest?

I need to get a birthday cake for a birthday boy turning 1. Are there any bakeries out in the metrowest area?

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  1. Not exactly Metrowest, but still in the right direction:

    Icing on the Cake, on Adams Street in Newton (right off of Washington Street/Rte. 16), makes wonderful cakes.

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      I'll second this recommendation!

    2. Quebrada in Welleley a door down from Whole foods makes excellent birthday cakes.

      1. Gerardos in westboro makes good rum cake, with a days notice.

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          Isn't there a Gerarados in W. Boylston????
          I seem to remember that there is an Italian bakery out on route 12.

        2. http://www.eslers.com/

          Eslers Bakery, in the same complex as the Wayside Inn Country Store, Route 20 on the Marlboro/Sudbury line.

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            How long has this been open Lilibet and have you bought anything here?

          2. Harpoon -

            After reading an article about this place in the T&G, decided to take a ride over at lunch (I work in Marlboro). God knows there is a lack of decent bakeries in our immediate area.
            The place was bright and clean...the owner was very nice.
            I bought two Charlotte Russe for a treat to go along with our delayed Valentine bottle of Iron Horse champagne. They were delightful... hand piped ladyfingers with lemon curd topped with fresh berries. She packed them up in their own little containers as they were delicate.
            There were many other beautiful items in her display case.... and of course, not wanting to drive back to work without an "extra", I got a huge, homemade oatmeal cookie. It was very good!
            I'd go back.

            Hope she makes a go of it - a tough business to be in.

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              Yes it is a tough business and it's great to know it's there. Especially because it's good and there aren't a lot of similiar local options. Thanks again :-)

            2. Well, it's 6 weeks later, so I'm pretty sure you found a birthday cake. I still wanted to respond though. The day we moved to Sterling, MA a neighbor delivered a raspberry pie from a local bakery. It was delightful. I read the label and it was from Darby's Bakery in West Boylston. It's on Route 140, hidden in a 4 storefront plaza. (there is also a great butcher in the same plaza as well as a great little pizza joint.) They have amazing breads and rolls which at the holidays... you really need to order ahead. The sell out fast. They also have a wide variety of absolutely delicious breakfast treats. I work in Boston and I have taken these goodies to clients over and over again and everyone raves. The occasionaly also have these breakfast breads. Some are saugage, eggs and cheese, some are spinach and cheese, some with bacon. All are open-faced and warm. Cakes- they have wondeful cakes, cupcakes and cookies. I have used Darby's for several celebrations requiring cakes at my house. They are top notch. Big fan of the dark chocolate mouse cake. they have a lovely lemon cake, too. I stop in there sometimes to get a coffee on my way to work. It's cash and personal check only. There is another bakery in Sterling, too. It's called the Village Baker and it's in the same building as Meola's ice cream on Rt. 12. Next to the miniature golf place. I stopped in there one day with my sister and she got a coffee cake and some muffins. She works at BC and said her team was thrilled. Hope this helps!