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Butternut Squash Ideas

I've had a squash in the fridge I finally cut up and roasted last night, intending to do something with it for dinner tonight.

I always use squash in the same ways: Soup, risotto, an arugula salad with blue cheese...

Looking for something new and inspiring. We're weight watching so something not too rich either would be great....

Any new and exciting ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Try a lasagna with it.

    Sautee chopped onions, add sage or oregano and mix with butternut squash.

    Layer with cooked butternut squash, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, cream and lasagna noodles and bake 10 - 15 minutes at 350.

    I like it kind of free-form, rather than a tightly layered traditional lasagne, but either way it's a wonderful treat

    1. A friend of mine tossed it with some pasta and feta and a little olive oil. It tasted really good. You could use a whole grain pasta or use Barilla Plus pasta to make it more weight watching friendly.

      1. Enchiladas or taco salad - we often put squash in Mexican food. Goes great with black beans.

        I did a side dish (with a fritatta) with carmelized onions (low fat variety), roasted squash, a bit of stock, thyme and mint that worked well. Served iwth a green salad.

        They go in curries too.

        Also have seen on a pizza type dough, with a bit of feta.

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          One of my favorites is a Carnitas and Butternut squash Buritto. There is a place in San Rafael that does a Butternut squash Buritto which is where I got the idea. Everything else in it is the same as usual.

        2. I like mixing it with wild rice and toasted pecans. Serves well with lean pork or chicken with a mustard/maple glaze.

          1. puree it with sweet potatoes, some maple syrup, bourbon, cream, cinnamon, and salt. it is great for thanksgiving

            1. I cubed one up, seasoned it, and roasted in the over in some olive oil for about 30 minutes, then I tossed it with Gorgonzola until the cheese was little melted. It's delicious this way!

              1. for a quick and healthy veggie dinner, it goes really well with tofu and a thai green curry sauce (saute some onions, garlic, ginger, squash and extra firm tofu with whatever you use for dry curry seasonings first, then add some coconut milk mixed with green thai curry paste, you can add thai basil or spinach or whatever you want).

                also great cubed and sauteed or roasted and added to black bean quesadillas or black bean soup.

                yummy pureed with maple syrup, butter, roasted garlic, nutmeg, and salt, then topped with a nice big fat pan-seared sea scallop and a reduction of apple cider.

                and amazing as a soup, as well. i like this recipe in particular (i add a little maple syrup and cumin to it): http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/bu...

                my favorite use of butternut squash is with pasta, though, either as filling for ravioli or along with mushrooms. the recipe for gnocchi with butternut squash, mushrooms, sage, and brown butter in thomas keller's "bouchon" is to die for, and becomes weeknight-dinner-quick if you substitute orechiette or really good store-bought gnocchi for the whole pate-a-choux process. the recipe is posted online here: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec....

                1. I boil some chopped greens (rapini is good, but chard is OK too), then remove them from the water and cook penne pasta in the hot water. I saute some diced pancetta and maybe some chopped onions or shallots in some olive oil. When the pasta is just about finished, I add the cooked greens and cubed roasted squash to the pan and stir to heat through. I drain the pasta (reserving a little of the cooking water) and add it to the pan, then stir in more water if it seems too dry. I serve it with plenty of ground pepper and grated parm.

                  1. I make a white bean salad with roasted butternut squash, roasted brussell sprouts and maybe some dried cranberries if I have them around.

                    1. Just saw Lidia Bastianich do this to an acorn squash so could work well for the butternut too. She roasted slices and then drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction and shaved some aged goat cheese over the top but said could do with pecorino or any cheese to your taste. It wasn't heavy on the cheese at all and the balsamic had just a small amount of honey in the reduction so not too many added calories and it looked delicious.

                      1. Thanks for all the suggestions...I ended up making some squash and black bean enchiladas that were definitely tasty!

                        Some really great ideas here...definitely going ot bookmark this. Thanks again!

                        1. cube it, toss with the juice of a lemon, salt and pepper, a good drizzle of honey or maple syrup and 2 T of melted butter. Put it on a greased heavy duty tin foil lined baking sheet and roast at 375 for 45-65 depending on the size of your chunks. They get all caramelized and scrumtralecent!

                          1. Well there's always butternut squash ravioli. I've had this out before and its just divine. If you have a pasta maker, it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon...maybe you could make it with wonton wrappers? Toss with sage and parmesean, black pepper. Butternut Squash soup with pepitos is wonderful, that's my usual. Which all of this talk reminds me, I have a few Acorn squash to use up myself!

                            1. I saw Batali make this on his show, but the recipe is not on the FN website
                              It's a nice alternative to baking - it goes fast - and has a sweet/sour flavor. It would be great as a side for roast chicken.
                              Zucca In Agro
                              peel and 1/2" dice butternut squash (I did about half of a small one, for two people)
                              cook it in a frying pan with olive oil for a few minutes
                              (you want to get some carmelization, but not overcook it)
                              grate some nutmeg over it and a ton of black pepper, toss
                              drizzle some honey over it (1or 2 T for half a squash) and don't stir for a minute
                              deglaze with a splash of white wine vinegar
                              salt to taste

                              you could also put sliced shallots in, with the squash

                              there's a pasta/squash dish that's stovetop, where anchovies are part of the mix - I think that on *is* on the FN site, as well as in the Molto Mario cookbook.
                              Both of these were a nice change . . .

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                                Last night I decided to make something I call Thanksgiving Soup. I roasted butternut squash, carrots and onions and one potato. Meanwhile I simmered some really, really good turkey stock with peppercorns and a small cinnamon stick. Added the roasted vegetables, simmered some more with fresh nutmeg. Pureed in batches in a blender and served topped with a little fresh nutmeg. It smelled like walking into a kitchen on Thanksgiving and tasted amazing. My girlfriend is really nostalgic for Thanksgiving and she almost started crying when she ate it.

                              2. I recently made roasted butternut squash and it couldn't have been easier. I peeled and de-seeded it and cut it into cubes. Then I threw it in aluminum foil with salt, pepper and a pat of butter. 20 minutes on the grill and YUM!