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Feb 26, 2007 07:27 AM

suggestions for vegetarian options?

Hey all --

I'm hosting a dinner this Friday at which at least half the guests will be some form of vegetarian. I was planning on a salmon and tuna tartare appetizer with guacamole and crispbread but need something to replace the fish for the vegetarians. I hate hummus so can't do that.

Any ideas?

White bean puree? Eggplant salad?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. you can do black beans and/or quinoa salad with the guacamole.

    Another play on tartar is the Keller version of tomato tartar in his French Laundry cookbook - it is french influenced of course, but is delicious. I always do when tomatoes are in season and have never tried with canned, but I think it could be done with well drained good quality canned. We get rave reviewed whenever we make the dish, even from picky eaters. Basic idea is roasting some tomatoes down, adding seasoning and chopping up - it looks like tartar, and then topping with blanched green beans with a lightly whipped cream with red wine vinegar in it, and on top of that microgreens. Yummy.

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      oh wow -- i'm going to go look it up now. thanks for that. i should have bought that book a million years ago.

      so maybe an eggplant caviar, guac and tomato tartare, with fish substituted in for the non-veggies.

      thanks jsaimd