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Feb 26, 2007 07:25 AM

bakeries with the best Bear Claws?

What bakeries in the Greater Boston & suburb area are recommended for Bear Claws?
Also, are Bear Claws a bit apple-y?

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  1. Bear Claws in cafes are often sourced from larger commercial bakeries. Some of the local Italian bakeries do offer them. I find them a bit sweet for my tastes -- and generally they are doughy, with a bit of cinnamon, and thick white glaze. Can't think of ever having them with apple, but there are similar pastries made from same dough with clear glaze and apple. As noted above, I am not a huge fan, but think that Roma Bakery in Woburn used to do a good job with them (its been a while). I swear I have seen them at La Contessa in Davis Sq, but the Italian bakeries I frequent more do not regularly carry them. The phone number of both of these should be pretty easy to find.

    1. Bear Claws usually are filled with almond pasted and coated with almonds, although they can be made with raisins and/or dates. They are not apple-y.

      1. Two good choices would be: White's Bakery of Hingham and Brockton and Fratelli's in Quincy. Both are good (and fattening). Enjoy!

        1. No apples in bear claws . . . not sure, but Lyndell's in Somerville might have them (and if they do, I bet they'd be GOOD).

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            I bet Boschetti's in Roslindale has them. Maybe Diane's too. And Kupel's?

          2. Are we thinking about the same Kupel's? In Brookline? IIRC they make bagels and only bagels. Definitely no bear claws.
            I've gotten them before from Mike's Pastry --in the North End. However, I'm not sure if they're a regular item. You'd have to give them a call to check.

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              Kupel's has a ton of pastries, rugelach, cookies, black & whites, other danish type stuff.