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Feb 26, 2007 07:25 AM

Which cooking vessel do you seem to reach for the most?

I bought a Calphalon anodized something a few months ago and am finding that I use it every single day. It has about a 12" diameter and is shaped like a saute or fry pan, but has really high walls. It just seems to be just the thing to use when I'm doing just about anything. I wish it came with its own lid.

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  1. Similar experience here -- a 9.5" ss-lined heavy copper poelle, with high walls and a gentle curve to it. I bought a similar heavy copper piece that is closer still to what you describe and it is on a boat somewhere steaming across the Atlantic -- I won't be surprised if it displaces the poelle, since I can't roast a chicken of any significant girth in the frying pan. (I recently discovered what an oven is really good for) But the poelle (curvy frying pan, claiming to hold 2 quarts) was cheaper (~$40) and arrived first, so it currently rules the stove.

    It seems like the curve (to accomodate a balloon whisk or slide out an omelette) and significant bottom diameter (for searing) are winning features in any pan, regardless of size or material.

    1. 10" All-Clad fry pan and my 2qt saucier.

      1. I have two sautee pans that were used in my uncle's restaurant daily in the '40s & 50s. One is 8" and the other 12". I Love, love, love them and use the larger one almost every night.
        I have no idea of the company name - all I know is they are well seasoned, clean up beautifully, and cook food to perfection. We also use my grandmother's cast iron skillet regularly.

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          I think I have the same Calphalon pan but i think its 10" instead of 12". I have it in NS with a long handle as well as the same size with the two "U" handles (I like the long handle much better. I also use it all the time.

          You should check with your vendor because if you have the 10" version, one of the soup pot lids (in glass) fits this pan. I use the lid all the time as well (especially when Mrs Jfood is hovering as she likes neat more than me).

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            I looked it up on the Calph web site, and I think it's the Calph One Infused Anodized (whew!) Chef's Pan, 2 or 3 quart. It looks like it comes with a metal lid. I got mine in TJ Maxx, sans lid, for about 1/10 the price as on the Calph web site. But it still sure is my favorite.

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              Sorry, mine is about 5 years old, was called Profession or Commercial Non-Stick and was in the shape of a sauteuse pan.

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                It sounds like the commercial non-stock made for Williams Sonoma. I have the same stuff but mine has ss lids. Wedding gift from 2000.

                I use the bigger pot 4.5 qt I think all the time. Good for sauces, boiling small amounts of pasta, rice, etc.

                I also use my Le Creuset grill pan all the time. Great for the off season when I don't want to go outside in the cold and rain and bbq.

          2. I use a Beka steak pan I got recently all the time. It's triple ply SS and A with an extra thick copper base.


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              Man I have not seen this name in a coon's age. glad to see you. that is one mean looking skillet. i bet a 32-oz p'house fits nicely in it.

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                It looks innocuous enough, but it's really heavy and can double as a weapon quite easily.