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Feb 26, 2007 07:19 AM

Purchasing Seafood in New Orleans - HELP!

Any suggestions for a great place to purchase great seafood - shrimp, crawfish, crabs, etc. to boil at home. Heard about a place on Magazine (uptown), but don't know the name. Willing to drive to the Westbank or out to Kenner as well. Just want the freshest around. Thanks for the help.

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  1. There is an open market in Westwego where you can get fresh seafood from the fisherman. Also the Hong Kong market on the west bank has fresh fish swimming in tanks

    1. Looking primarily for crabs or crawfish more than fish.

      1. Try Bucktown:

        Schaffer & Reusich

        1. The "shrimp lot" in Westwego, which is an outdoor market of stalls, is a great place. Some sellers offer more than just shrimp; some crab, fish, etc. 100 Westbank Expressway. Also in Westwego is Sam Perino's seafood market, selling everything from turtle to crab to alligator and beyond. Hong Kong market, in Gretna on Behrman Highway, has live crabs, live fish, lots of other seafood (saw pretty b'liners, red snapper, pompano).

          1. The place on magazine is Big Fisherman. Its right by Bulldog, Nacho Mama's, A&P, etc.

            I get my crawfish from there and am always satisfied. they have crabs and shrimp also

            I know there are a couple of other places on jefferson hwy also right before you hit the causeway.