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Feb 26, 2007 06:33 AM

Let the bashing begin...Buca Di Beppo was Good yesterday

We went to the City Walk location.

I had never been to this restaurant avoiding it because of all the horrible chatter.

It was my sons birthday (4) and we were looking for somewhere to walk around for a bit then have lunch (for 12).

We sat in the infamous POPE ROOM.

The Mrs who has been to this restaurant said "only order red sauce entrees, everything else IS bad" We ordered Spaghetti with Marinara, Spaghetti with meat sauce and a spicy arrabiata penne with sausage. We also ordered 2 basic salads.

So, here I was waiting to be underwhelmed... The salad was very basic but good/fresh. The pastas were also good. The bread was fantastic.

The waitress was attentive.

We brought our own "Star Wars" birthday cake which they served.

Got out of there for about $15 a person (it could have been chaper but we ordered a bit too much) including drinks and tip. I think for the atmosphere, this was a good deal and alot of fun.

I heard from my relatives that we did the right things:
1. Going on a Sunday Afternoon
2. Ordering red sauce
3. Bringing our own dessert.

I guess it's just murder going here on a Weekend evening.

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  1. Well, they are good for what they do, esp. for a national chain.

    From your write up I don't see how they are "great".

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    1. re: PeterL

      you are right, i changed it to good

    2. ...something about a stopped clock comes to mind...

      1. I'm one of the few who actually like BdB, but only for their Marghareta pizza.

        1. i am thinking about taking a date there. any big warnings or should i go for it?

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          1. re: wonderdog17

            Hmmm...BdB is very loud, you won't be able to have a decent conversation.