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Feb 26, 2007 06:21 AM

Seattle Brunch

Who's got a brunch that's worth waking up early for? I've heard that Macrina Bakery and Etta's are standouts, and I've been to The Dish and 14 Carat Cafe. I'd be interested in any other recommendations - you guys rock! Thanks.

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  1. Ivar's Salmon house rocks. The food is much better than at dinner, and the mimosas and bloodys are a dollar a piece. The buffet is quite substantial, even though the desserts are those little frozen pieces of crap that come out of a box (for the most part). They have omelette, crepe and carving stations, the full monty of both breakfast and lunch dishes, including a wicked large seafood bar. You can eat your heart out on oysters and crab legs, should you so desire. The best part: the view.

    1. 35th St. Bistro in Fremont is my favorite brunch.

      1. We prefer Peso's Kitchen & Lounge on Queen Anne Avenue for their innovative offerings with a Mexican flavor. The chicken friend steak with jalapeno corn gravy is a popular favorite but mine is Eggs Benedict with habanero sausage...mmmm. Their coffee is first-rate as well -- nice dark-roasted Cafe Vita brew. Rare that you find a good brunch restaurant that cares enough to serve good coffee!