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Feb 26, 2007 05:42 AM

Roasted beets- quick question

Do you peel them, or not?

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  1. I find that it depends. If you roast them whole the skins will simply slip off after roasting and then you can cut them up easily afterwards. You can also peel cut and roast, this method creates pieces that have more caramelization and are have crispy edges. So it really depends on what the desired result is.

    1. I did some last night - just wrapped the whole things in foil, unpeeled. Like zenright said, the skins just slip off... but wear gloves when you peel them, because those bad boys STAIN.

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        Thanks guys, I want to use them sliced in a salad ultimately, so I think I'll try the foil method.

      2. Here is a link to a thread that I started when I (actually my daughter) discovered beets.

        Agree with wrapping individually in foil, but BEWARE -- they are unbelieveably hot when you unwrap the foil. Put them in cold water first.

        1. I put unpeeled beets in an 8"X8" pan, cover with aluminum foil, peel them after roasting between 2 sheets of paper towel. Minimal bleed through, and easy to handle.

          1. I wouldn't put them in cold water after cooking, you lost the opportunity to season them while warm and have the seasoning penetrate into the center.
            Here's a great method for perfect tasty red beets for salad: simmer, skin on, whole, in salty water until a paring knife slides out easily. Drain, cool for 5 minutes, peel, slice or batonette according to desire, and WHILE STILL WARM, sprinkle with some nice red wine vinegar and some salt. Allow to marinate like this at room temperature until cool, and finish with some nice oil to make them shiny. If you like beets you will be happy. If you don't like beets you just might.

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              Try the orange beets next time - to me it is a different (and better) flavor. They roast really well peeled, cut into chunks, and tossed with things. Sometimes I top them off with some goat cheese after roasting.