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Feb 26, 2007 05:20 AM

Foodie Gifts to bring back from Moscow, Budapest, and Warsaw?

Husband is going on a business trip. He has brought be back chocolates from Belgium and Duck Confit from Paris. What should I have him get from Warsaw, Budapest, and Moscow?

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  1. Hi, please note, there is a separate board for Russia, please post the Russian portion of you query on that board which you will find here:

    1. I brought back goulash paste from the market in Budapest. Absolutely incredible stuff -- my only regret is that I gave away the additional tubes that I purchased as gifts, rather than keeping them for myself! Also got garlic and paprika paste in tubes, but the goulash mix was definitely superb!

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        What did you use the goulash paste in? Do you have any recipes you could share. DH is going next week and I think he will bring some back.

      2. From Hungary - some Zwack Unicum! Hungarian liquor. Great little bottle, very unique gift.

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          I've never heard of this---could you describe it to me a little.

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            Zwack Unicum is known for its anarchist bomb bottle. I thought the stuff tasted pretty vile when I lived in Budapest, but many love it. It is sort of a less sweet Jagermeister, with a pronounced bitter aftertaste.

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              Interesting---might be worth having him pick some up just to try.

              1. re: nissenpa

                that, and it's a very unique hungarian gift!

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                  Worth it just for the bottle methinks - that ad I posted above appeared all over the place and the bottle alone made me want to try it.

          2. From Warsaw a bottle of Zubrowka (pr. zhoo-broof-ka) and/or a bottle of "kosher" vodka. Otherwise everything I would recommend is not exactly legal to bring in...sausage, cheese, produce, etc.

            1. From Budapest I'd bring back marzipan and various paprikas - including those in a paste.