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Feb 26, 2007 04:59 AM

Pho 2000, Dorchester

Haven't seen a post on this place lately, so I thought I would relate my recent visit. My DC and I stopped in after an early afternoon at the new ICA. She ordered the seafood pho and I the basic beef. Mine was a good standard - similar to the ones I've had at Pho Pasteur (Le's), but I thought the broth was a little boring. PP(L) seemed fresher? Lots of tripe, not so much brisket, which was interesting. The accompaniments were very fresh - crisp and clean-tasting bean sprouts and generous basil. That is perhaps my one complaint about PP(L) is that the sprouts always taste a little...off. The seafood soup looked like it was loaded with fish cake, shrimp, squid, etc. DC took the remaining half home for a late-night meal. DC reported her jasmine limeade was good and I had a combo pineapple / jack fruit shake that was right tasty.

Definitely have to get down there some time for seven courses of beef.

Also, maybe you hounds can help with this - a couple of tables ordered a whole fish that was covered in peanuts and came with those white wrappers, lettuce, basil, etc., so that they could make their own fresh spring rolls. Looks intriguing - any experience with this dish/fish?

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  1. I was just there on Friday for takeout. We ordered fried spring rolls, beef pho, and stir-fried noodles. The spring rolls were solidly standard -- two days later I can't remember anything much about them. I thought the beef broth was terrific -- really fresh and spicier than PP(L)'s usually is. I wonder how the meat gets apportioned -- we had almost no tripe, lots of brisket, a big hunk of tendon and some nice slices of the rare steak. The stir-fried noodles were also standard -- not much seasoning, but it was a big portion with a good ratio of chicken and tender-crisp veggies to noodles, and my DC was very happy with it.

    I'd like to know about the fish too -- while waiting, I spied a couple of tables with fish carcasses on them that were the remainder of what looked to have been a delicious meal.

    We just moved into the 'hood so I bet we'll be eating there a lot more often.

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      I think I got short-changed on the meat - maybe because I got a "small?"
      And funny, I thought the broth was really bland and greyish - had to squirt in a ton of Sriracha hot sauce to make it interesting. I would still go back -

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        Must have been an off day for them, I eat there regularly and their beef broth has always been quite nice.

        1. I was on a pho kick about a month ago and after trying Pho2000, Pho Hoa and Le's, I thought Pho2000 definitely had the most deep-flavored and complex broth, although Le's (the Harvard Square) branch and Pho Hoa's were both very good as well. Pho Hoa's broth had an extra strong star anise taste, which I didn't love but might be to some other folks' taste. I also noticed what Bob mentioned above -- Pho2000's sprouts and herbs were the sprightliest of the bunch, although Pho Hoa got extra points in my book for having a greater variety of herbs than the other two. I did have another bowl of pho at Le's last week and it was marred by a really thick oil slick on top that made it pretty unappetizing -- I left half of it in the bowl.

          I haven't had that fish dish but it sounds delicious. Their beef 7 ways is excellent, as is the banh xeo (rice flour pancake).