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Feb 26, 2007 03:58 AM

Best Italian in San Francisco

We will be in San Francisco for a few days in March and would love some recommendations for great Italian food. Also, would appreciate tips on hole in the wall burger joints. Thank you!

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  1. I have heard great things about Perbaco. I am looking foward to my dinner there. The menu is available on their website.

    1. SF Italian restaurants getting the most positive mention here lately include Perbacco, Incanto and A16. Others worth considering are Acquerello, Quince and Milano.

      The restaurants vary a good bit in style and tend to focus on the foods of different regions in Italy. Some are Cal-Ital rather than straight Italian. It would be worth your while to do a search on this board for each. You will be able to pull up many, many prior comments.

      Please note that if you are looking for red-sauced, garlic-based Italian food common in much of the northeast U.S., you will not find much of that in SF.

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        Also for more moderately priced ILCantuccio is very good and have some hearty red sauced based dishes, delicious homemade pastas.

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          Zeitgeist is a dive bar that has good burgers.

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            just wanted to second both suggestions... (Il Cantuccio, Zeitgeist)

      2. We just chatted about this last night! My dining companion and I both think the best new-school Italian is Via Veneto on Fillmore. For big-portions-gooey-cheese-tasty-sauce old-school is Original Joes on Taylor.

        1. My current top five:

          Oliveto (Oakland)
          Pizzaiolo (Oakland)
          La Ciccia

          Incanto, Oliveto, and Pizzaiolo are California-influenced in various ways. A16 is straight-up Neapolitan, La Ciccia is Sardinian.

          Perbacco is new since these previous topics on the same subject:

          1. Delfina is an amazing Italian experience in SF. I had the best dessert of my life there; olive oil gelato sprinkled with sea salt and drizzled in olive oil, served with a buttery cookie. Sound odd? It was. But it was amazing. This place is not traditional, and the can be annoyingly slow, but everyone knows what they're doing, and the food is worth the wait.